I alluded to my friend Marie’s second baby shower last Sunday in my 17 week post. I have been meaning to talk about it all week. I just have to share photos of the fabulous decorations Laura & Ashley did! Marie is having a surprise baby, so the hostesses decorated in green, silver & white.

Perfect Sprinkle Decorations

I ended up being the lucky winner of the guess ‘how many jelly beans in the bottle’ game after I super over-guessed & they let me vote again~ exactly 217 jellys! Those Gigis cupcakes were amazing as was the delicious food Laura & Ashley made! Thankfully Laura pinned the punch & buffalo chicken recipes~ I can’t wait to try those on my own.

Suz {at 17 weeks} & Marie {at 33.5 weeks}

So happy for my friend Marie ~ can’t wait to find out if baby J 2.0 a boy or girl in just a few weeks!