We braved the mall crowd the first Saturday in Dec to have the babies meet Santa for the first time. My MIL came with us to help & check out the photos.

Lucy & Zach taking it all in.

This was the first time they’d been to the mall & their first time in a side by side stroller. Santa arrived at 11a. We planned to show up then, but Lucy girl pooped twice {just as we were leaving the house & again in the van on the way over} but thankfully didn’t get anything on her outfit.

Jason, L & Z with Santa decorations {& the super excited kiddo in front of us in line photo bombing}.

They did great waiting in line for about an hour ~ they smiled at us, the decorations, the others in line.

Then we got up to Santa. Zach was fascinated with the big guy & wouldn’t take his eyes away from him. Lucy was fascinated with his outfit, until she discovered his {real} white beard. She grabbed onto the beard & didn’t want to let go! There were no smiles for us {& the camera lady}. But there were also no tears!

Zach & Lucy, meet Santa!

And we got great memories of it all digitally thanks to my MIL.