Over the years, I’ve heard great things about local consignment sales. Big over-whelming ones at the state fairgrounds, filled to the brim with fabulous deals. Y’all know I love a great deal.

One of the reasons I chose to join the local moms of multiples group was the fabulous things I’d heard about their sale. So when I heard the Spring sale date of last weekend, I called the fam to see if they’d come to town. The TMOTT sale opens Friday evening for members only & they allow pregnant members a helper as well as a five minute head start. I knew Jason had to work, so it was perfect that my mom & aunt joined me. I thought I could bring a helper as well as a guest {for $5}. I was mistaken about the guest though; the sale opens to members’ guests at 8p while we were able to shop at 6. It worked out okay though. Mom & Sue switched off as one would take things to the car & the other would shop or stand by our loot.

Friday night at TMOTT sale

So what’d we get & for how much?!

Here was our wish list. For my Nana at the beach, an inexpensive pack-n-play & sheets for it. For my mom {she has a crib already & had picked up a pack-n-play at a church sale}, cribs sheets, crib mattress pads, pack-n-play sheets. For my friend Beth, shoes for her daughter. For us, a second infant rock-n-play sleeper {recommended by multiple twin moms}, an Ergo carrier, a jogger stroller, pack-n-play sheets, bibs, matching or twin themed outfits. Also thought I’d look at breast pumps & bottles.

We found a Graco pack-n-play for Nana {$25} & the rock-n-play {in white for $20} in the large items area during the 5:45p preview/walk through & Mom ran right back to them when the shopping doors opened. I *think* there might have been one jogger stroller but someone quicker than us found & swiped it up. There weren’t any Ergo carriers & I got a little unsure when it came to used {by who knows who} breast pumps.

We also found the sheets, mattress pads, waterproof pads, bibs {boy, girl & neutral ones grab bags} & bottles {1 bag of small & 5 big Medela ones for $9} we were looking for. Four precious pairs of shoes for little R {$10 total}. I grabbed two twin/matching outfits; both 6-9 month sizes. One is blue/pink onesies that say Peace, Love, Twins & the other is matching long sleeve/pants outfits covered in red crabs. I love them both {although I forgot to photo them before I washed & gave our 6 month+ stash to mom to store}!

R's shoes, floor mats & sleeper

Not on my list, but I also purchased a soft boa blue/green Boppy cover {$4}, 20 ABC  foam floor letters {$10} as well as an itzbeen timer {$6} that ended up being broken~our only sale fail {luckily I’d bought my two on sale & with Walmart gift card}. I don’t know how much Mom spent, but I spent a total of $77 dollars which was a total I’m really happy with.

The sale was really organized & much less chaotic than I expected. I’m looking forward to the fall sale & next spring’s sale for big baby clothes & shoes & walking toys!

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