This is a picture of my current TBR pile. The top two books, The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand & You: Having a Baby by Michael Roizen & Mehmet Oz, I’m reading simultaneously.
I enjoyed Barefoot and requested the two other books by Elin Hilderbrand from the library which both came very quickly. This one is a little less “beachy fun” but I’m enjoying it so far.
I found You at a discount at Walmart & picked it up last week. As a planner & someone who likes to be on top of what’s going on (I’d been looking at wedding magazines/books/websites years before actually wedding planning), I thought it might be a guide for what we hope is to come fairly soon. So far I’ve found You easy to read & a great planning guide. It has good pictures & has given me a heads up what to expect if/when we do become pregnant. I want Jason to read it next (I think he actually might too!).
Next up is An Echo in the Bone which I’ve been waiting a year to read! I plan to start it as soon as I finish The Castaways (hopefully tonight or tomorrow).
& The Killer’s Wife are upcoming book club reads. Picture Perfect & The Yada Yada Prayer Group are PBS finds (with waiting lists so I hope to read those in between some of the others so I can re-post them & get others on my waiting list)