New Favorite Beer

Our normal basic, always-have-it-in-the-frig beer is bud light. I even like cans best (you know, so you can use a coozie)! Blue Moon & Bud Light Lime are also spring/summer staples at our house. Jason’s on a bit of a weight loss kick (& I need to be too), so when Mom mentioned at their house that she’d heard Bud Select 55 was good, we thought we’d try it. Its becoming our new beer! It was great for a light beer on the beach last weekend & nice to have with dinner or watching TV. What else (other than water) can you drink for 55 calories?!

With that said, here’s a photo I took a few minutes ago right after I was done eating dinner & almost done with this one! If you’re looking for a new light beer, try it~ so yummy!

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My new favorite beer is Bud Light Golden Wheat! It has a hint of orange and is very similar to Blue Moon, just with fewer calories. You should give it a try sometime!

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