We thankfully were good at taking photos daily while Z & L spent time in the NICU. It now helps me keep up with what was going on with who during those almost two weeks. Here’s photos per day {no idea why the sizing is weird, bare with me I’m working on little sleep} & brief explanations so I’ll hopefully remember.

5/22: Tuesday, Lucy was on the CPAP machine. Zach’s billi levels had gotten a little high so he was put on the blanket for jaundice. They had IVs {lipids & electrolights}, body temp monitors & under heat, as well as heart rate, SO2 monitors.

5/23: Lucy did well enough to lose the CPAP and Jason bottle fed Zach for the first time. Friends stopped by in the afternoon & I was also discharged from the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

5/24: Thursday morning was the start of our new schedule. The babies were on the NICU feeding schedule of 8, 11, 2, & 5. So we left our house in time to get to the hospital by 11a & went home after the babies were done with their 5p feeding. Zach was on a billi blanket for slight jaundice. I think this is the day Lucy was able to get her IV out.

5/25: Friday we went to the NICU later because the babies were having evening visitors. My parents & brother & SIL stopped by on their way to OIB for the weekend. Lucy’s jaundice levels had risen a ton so they were super billi lighting her ~ a blanket under & two lights overhead. Because of this, Zach got all the family snuggles that evening.

5/26: The babies had a good day. Lucy’s jaundice levels went way down so she was off all the lights. Lucy & Zach got a lot of cuddles that day. Saturday night, the NICU nurses encouraged us to leave & get out to dinner for ourselves. We went out for quick, cheap Mexican food & I had my first sip of alcohol since Oct 21st {best margarita ever!}.

5/27: The hand out of the swaddle & on something is so Zach. And keeping hats on is something neither of them will do {photo of Lucy}. Sunday evening, the babies moved from the heated beds {the heaters had been turned off for a couple days} into bassinets. Woohoo!

5/28: Monday, the babies had lots of visitors again, my parents, brother & Charlotte Papa stopped by on their way back from the beach for Lucy & Zach cuddles. I happened to be nursing then pumping for a lot of their visit so I don’t have as many of those photos. Monday evening, the babies were moved from Pod D {intermediate NICU} to Pod B {step down unit for feeding & growing}. This is a big move & we were very excited they’d ‘graduated’.

5/29: Our nurse for the next two days was also a LC & new mom which was so helpful as we were focusing on growing & feeding these babies. She also warned us that things could move quick from here so we straightened out their insurance Tuesday, set up my postpartum doctor’s appt, & cuddled the babies. Turns out I didn’t take a single photo of them that day.

5/30: In order for the babies to come home, they needed to be off the feeding tubes & ‘PO’ing {eating through their mouth} all their feedings. They’d both pull or sneeze out their tubes pretty frequently though, so the nurses would sometimes try to leave them off to see how they’d do {Lucy’s is out in the below photos}. Both babies had been doing well breastfeeding that week {thanks to great LCs!} & taking fortified breast milk bottles well with the nurses at night. Z was kinda a slow bottle taker {he’d get choked up some & then fall asleep midbottle}.

5/31: We showed up to the NICU Thursday morning & their nurse mentioned us ‘rooming in’ soon as she thought they wouldn’t be there much longer. We hadn’t brought clothes or anything, so she tried to reserve the room for us for Friday. An hour later, the dr doing rounds said Lucy had done well enough to go home the following day! Holy whirlwind ensued. Thankfully Jason had a car seat & base in our car, but no other baby or parent items ~ including no cell chargers so the only photo I took was Lucy passing her car seat test that evening.

6/1: Friday morning, after little to no sleep with off schedule babies {Lucy had started being able to on demand feed Thurs}, we called my parents to share the news of Lucy going home that afternoon & to ask if they wanted to come help for the long weekend. Since Z was under the 5lb weight limit for our car seats, Jason went off to Buy Buy Baby & used gift cards to get him a 4lb seat. Z was passing his car seat test when we left the NICU with Lucy around 430 that afternoon. Friday night, Lucy slept in a pack-n-play {which Jason set up that night} in our room.

Thanks to SewCurly for the Lucy onesie!

6/2: Saturday morning, we took Lucy to her first pediatrician appt {she was back up to birth weight!} then dropped her off with her Pops & Cece to watch her for a few hours while Jason & I went back to the hospital. We had hoped Zach would be coming home Saturday, but he’d been circumcised the night before & didn’t do quite as well with his feedings as they wanted. We gave him snuggles & two feedings before heading back to Lucy.

6/3: For the first time, Sunday we packed lunch to take with us to the NICU. We thought we might be up there with Zach for a while before they did rounds & let him home {L was home again getting spoiled by her grandparents}. Instead, we were there for less than an hour~ I gave Z the last of the bottle he was finishing when we arrived, Jason put him in the car seat, I gathered the stuff we had still up at the NICU {including another bin of my milk}, and off we went with him! Zach’s feet said it best~ later gator~ no more NICU life for us!!