We had Lucy & Zach’s 9 mo pediatrician appointment this morning.

I wasn’t shocked by Lucy being 17.5 lb & 27 in long. Still right above the 25th percentile. She took her Hep shot like a champ & was deemed perfectly healthy. Ped said see ya in three months!

Now onto Zacher. He’s still little. I said in his 9 mo update that I hoped he was over 14 lbs. My secret goal was for him to be over 15 lbs. He’s 14.5 lb & 26 in long. He’s under the 1 percentile for length {for first time} & well under the 1 percentile for weight. Da dum.

I was nervous & yet kinda prepared & not shocked by this y’all. He doesn’t eat well when he’s sick. He’s more easily distracted while nursing. I think he stops when he has to work for milk while nursing. He doesn’t eat purees well.

The dreaded “failure to thrive” wasn’t said or even mentioned. He’s been gaining weight. Just not as much weight as they want to see.

So what are we going to do? Here’s the plan. We go back on March 25th for a weight check. Between then & now, we’re going to introduce more finger foods {since he likes to feed himself}. He loved yogurt at daycare the other day & our ped said that was great to add calories, so I’m going to stock up on yobaby. I’m going to try mashed potatoes with him tonight & maybe pasta later this week. We’ll keep trying purees & continue to fatten those up with rice cereal &/or oatmeal mixed in.

And as for nursing/breast milk/bottles/formula. This is where my heart’s a little sad. Since I know my supply in the afternoon & evenings has gotten low, we’re going to give him bottles for these two post-daycare feedings. This way we can fortify them with a teaspoon of enfacare {like we already do to his daycare bottles} & we can also know for sure that he’s getting the 5-6 oz a bottle that he needs. The plan is to continue to nurse him overnight & in the mornings as long as he seems satisfied. If he doesn’t seem satisfied, we’ll add a bottle after we nurse.

Thank God for my crazy pumping over the summer. We’ll be going through my stash more rapidly now & I’m going to keep pumping three times a day at work. Our plan is for me to keep nursing Lucy as she’s growing well on her curve & seems a more focused & patient nurser. I’ll either offer her both sides in the evenings or pump the other side if necessary.

Anyone have ideas for healthy yet fatty foods for 9 mo old who doesn’t love purees? Other tips to fatten up a skinny boy?