I didn’t like my outfit Saturday & Sunday was a bumming/cleaning day. I’d changed out of work clothes when I remembered I promised a photo~ here’s me today in my new Target top & Gap maternity pjs {& no makeup}. Happy Monday!How far along? 19w2d

Maternity clothes? yes. I had a few more given to me this week & a bought a few new {on sale} Target long sleeve tops.

Weight Gain? I weighed myself after a big dinner with friends Thursday night & I’m up 20 lbs from pre-pregnancy.

Stretch Marks? none yet.

Sleep? Ok. Wed-Fri mornings I woke up around 430 to pee & had a lot of trouble stopping my mind from racing in order to go back to sleep. Saturday night was tough for sleep too. Now that I know baby A is all along my right side, I stress that I’m squishing him sleeping on that side even though my brain knows it & he are okay.

Movement? I’m feeling both A & C pretty regularly now that I know where they are.

Genders? A is a boy & C is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B. Feeling A & C is so reassuring yet makes it that more obvious that there’s nothing to be felt on the lower right side.

Food cravings? We bought strawberries at the store Tuesday evening. I’ve been topping strawberry ice cream with the strawberries at night & it’s been awesome.

Food aversion? Still not gone to a Mexican restaurant, but I enjoyed another trip to Moe’s last week & had queso & chips with friends Friday for lunch.

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Husband’s mom & sister, my parents & my grandparents are coming in town this weekend for a shower. I’m really looking forward to everyone being together celebrating the babies.

Weekly Wisdom? Try everything you can to get sleep. I’m pretty sure my lack of sleep has led to an annoying little head cold.

Milestones? Baby Center says the babies are having a sensory explosion this week. So I’m going to try to let them hear our voices a lot this week. The app also says the babies will be 8 oz & 6 inches long ~ the appointment told us though that A was already 9 oz & B was over 8 oz last Tuesday.