I’m sad to announce that my beach grandparents’ dog Bogey was put to sleep yesterday. He was getting pretty old (12) and we found out he had cancer in January. So it was expected but still kinda shocking and sad. My grandparents’ dogs have always kinda been our dogs too, and Bogey was certainly a special one. He and my grandfather shared a special bond. We’d joke that the order of Bogey’s love was Pawpaw, Steven (my brother), Nana then everyone else (I was only up there if I was holding a rice crispy treat!). Obviously my grandparents are very upset even though they knew this was coming. But we are all taking comfort in the fact that Bogey’s no longer in pain.
I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of him with the blogging world. I don’t have as many as I thought on this computer, but here’s a few and the stories surrounding them. The top picture is from Christmas a few years ago~ I think ’07 is when I got that pink bag. Bogey’s favorite part of Christmas was helping Steven open the presents unless he had a Christmas ball under the tree~ he’d sniff those out for sure!
Looks like Bogey was trying to blog in the second picture~ but really he just loved that couch on the RV! My mom’s not a huge dog lover and Bogey and Mom spent the whole cross country trip “fighting” over seats. In the third picture, Bogey had decided they’d share the couch.
The fourth picture is Bogey meeting my brother’s cat Triumph when Triumph was a kitten. Right after this picture Triumph introduced Bogey to his claws and they chased each other around the apartment. It was funny and cute.
Bogey met Moe a few times when my grandparents would pick me up or drop me off while going to or coming from my parent’s house~ but only through a screen door. They weren’t fans of each other.
I took a few pictures of Bogey Easter weekend~ I think we all knew it might be his last. My Nana is a singer~ I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in her church choir as well as her humming all the time. Well as Nana would be practicing, Bogey would “sing” along. He got so that all we had to say was “sing” and he’d start howling! Easter weekend he was doing so even with his favorite ball in his mouth. I couldn’t resist taking that picture~ it’s blurry because I was laughing!
The final picture is of Bogey napping in his favorite spot~ right in the middle of the floor in between the kitchen & living rooms~ so he could still hear/see everything that was going on.
Bogey you are so missed! We loved you so much ole boy! OIB will not be the same without you!