I thought I’d do a few posts on our Christmas decorations. I’ve seen them on a bunch of others blogs and I got inspired to do one of our own! I thought I’d spread it over a few days instead of one LONG post {especially since I learned to schedule posts today!}.

You might’ve seen our getting the tree post. We decorated the following day and then I’ve wrapped a few different times so there are packages under the tree. Fingers {& toes} crossed, Moe has not bothered the tree at all this year.

I’ve never not had a real Christmas tree. I can’t image not having one! I love the smell, the twinkling lights, how it really changes the look of a room & how just seeing it can better my mood. Growing up with used colored lights on the tree. I’m not sure why {maybe we just already had them?}, but we use white lights on our tree. I think they give a *classier* look which is funny since we have so many unclassy but super fun & memorable ornaments.

We usually receive or buy a few new ornaments each year. I looked to take a photo of my current new favorites. I love the Lilly frames {up to the tree photoless} that my brother gave me over Thanksgiving weekend for my birthday. The other favorites I’m spotlighting below: my NCSU football player {I’m proud of the pack even though we aren’t ACC champs} & the HUGE snowman. I believe the snowman was my mom’s but she passed it down. It’s 3-4 times bigger than any other ornament but I love it!

Next up: owl Christmas love :}