My weekly update will post tomorrow morning. Being out of town this past long weekend threw me off a little.

But if you know my friend Jenny, you know that 28w1d is a day to remember. From the moment I heard triplets, my first goal for my pregnancy was to get to at least that date, her date. Because I’ve seen, hugged & helped feed her babies. I knew that while the road they went down was rough in spots, that they’re fine. And I wanted that for mine too.

And that day was here yesterday. Things changed in my pregnancy making it possible & more probable that I will carry my babes farther than I earlier imagined. But still. Today, I’m grateful for friends like Jenny & her triplets who have & continue to inspire me & give me comfort knowing that preterm labor & birth, while scary & unwanted, can come with okay outcomes.

So cheers to Jenny & ETC. And cheers to making it to {past!} goal dates!