Today I had a four hour lunch with other awesome women: Katherine, Jenny & Beth Anne. It was awesome to meet Katherine who was in town visiting her Dad and spent the afternoon with us before driving back to Northern VA. Jenny drove up from Charlotte to meet Katherine & see us~ how cool is that?! Beth Anne is dealing with a lot right now so it was wonderful to see her smiling face today. As usual, I didn’t take photos, but hopefully Katherine & BA will share the ones they took. Cafe Carolina was delicious, the weather was perfect for sitting outside, & the conversation never quit!

We were scared by a large hairy shirtless man & lots of brave birds. Jenny might’ve scared a young couple with her uterus chatting; but Katherine & I didn’t mind. Jenny & I thank Katherine for paying for Goodberry’s on the “first date.” I hadn’t had it in years~ the raspberry banana concrete is now my favorite for sure! I can’t wait to catch up with each of them soon. Katherine & Jenny, road trip back to Raleigh soon? Or is it our turn to visit NVA? Charlotte again?!