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Overwhelmed {2.0}

Since I use this blog as my therapy, my place to vent, I thought I’d list what’s stressing me out & overwhelming me at the moment.

  • The babies crazy drooling.
  • Amber necklaces or no? Where to buy? Used available?
  • Teething.
  • Starting Solids. When? How? What food? Scheduling that in our {already crazy} mornings & nights. When I’ll have time to make food. Heck, when will we have time to put together the high chairs. We have the breastfeeding routine down so well that I hate to change it even though I think they’re ready.
  • Solids poop. And cloth diapering solids poop. And washing solids poop diapers.
  • Zach’s blisters from using disposables over Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Night tine Routines. Our current routine is an attempt at organized chaos until they konk out. Night weaning? Sleep training?
  • Decorating for Christmas.
  • Grocery shopping. Takeout is impossible for me to do alone with both babies. We can’t live on restaurants with drive thrus. Only possibility of grocery shopping is going during my 45 minute lunch.
  • Cleaning my house. Heck, having the time to empty my dishwasher is overwhelming much less, the thought of vacuuming, changing sheets, mopping & cleaning bathrooms.
  • Finishing up Christmas shopping. Again, this will have to be done at lunch or online. & if you’re the recipient of a gift from us, it’ll be thrown in a bag if you’re lucky.
  • Downloading the Thanksgiving photos from the DSLR. I know I took good ones that the family wants. When will I have time to do this?!

Whew. Seeing that list makes me feel a little better that it’s out there verses rolling around in my head. If you have any helpful advise on the above, I’d love to hear it in the comments, tweets, emails or texts.


  1. Father of twins says:

    Father of 8 month old twins here.

    Amber necklaces – We did for a while. No discernible benefit from my perspective, but looks cute.

    Drooling/Teething – Good luck

    Solid food – We’ve been doing some solids since 6 months. Healthy Baby Meal Planner has been our go to guide.

    Solid Poop – WAY easier to deal with than milk poop in cloth diapers.

    Shopping – We shop online w/ Harris Teeter. I think Lowe’s and maybe others also offer the service. The small pick up fee is well worth getting an hour of your life back.

    • Suz says:

      I’ll have to check out Healthy Baby Meal Planner. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Seems like HT online is the way to go.

      Thanks for the comment & suggestions!

  2. LauraC says:

    Since you asked for advice, here are my thoughts!

    * Solids. We kept a calendar on our fridge and we wrote on the fridge what day we introduced new foods. We did it in mornings because Alex had a HORRIBLE reaction to kiwi (!) one night and literally cried all night. Once a food was safe, we kept a list on the fridge of who could eat what. This also helped for visitors.

    Honestly we did not make baby food because they were on it for such a short period of time and it was so much extra work that we didn’t have time for. And Alex had low oral motor tone, so it was a SUPER PAIN to transition him to table foods, so we needed consistent purees.

    * Grocery shopping. We paid the $5 for curbside pickup at HT. Life saver!! I online shopped at work then would drive through.

    * Cleaning house. One of our baby presents was a house cleaning service for a few cleans. We then asked for that for Christmas presents. Our weekdays were packed from 6AM until 9PM every day, between babies and work. Literally no time for cleaning except weekends. Even once a month having someone clean would be worth it.

    It truly does get easier. That first year is overwhelming with the amount of things to do.I felt like we were always just ahead of a disaster, getting the bare minimum done.

    • Suz says:

      I like the idea of a list on the fridge of who ate/likes what.

      Sounds like HT curbside will be my new BFF & I might be asking the husband for a maid for Christmas.

      Thanks as always for the advice & encouragement Laura!

      • Surf Momma says:

        Yes! Order groceries and get a house cleaner – it’s all worth every penny! I like it as a way out of the house but now I try to go grab coffee or walk around a store alone! Much better than trying to remember everything on my list!

  3. Amy says:

    I second Laura’s suggestion on HT curbside pickup. Just order online and they bring everything out to your car. Totally worth the $5!

    • Suz says:

      I enjoy grocery shopping as a way to get out of the house & just because I like shopping. But weeks where we don’t have help &/or things are crazy. I think HT curbside is going to be great. I’m signing up today!

  4. You can hold off on introducing solids till the babies are literally reaching for your food and silverware while you eat. That shows they are interested in eating, and are probably ready to learn how to swallow. I started my 1st on solids right at 4 months – the earliest the books said I could. It was very messy, and took a while for her to figure it out. So I waited with our 2nd till he started grabbing for my food and fork. He took to it very quickly! Even then, I only gave him oatmeal once a day. Just last week we had to up his feedings to twice a day – he’s just so hungry!

    It’s not as time consuming as you might think. They only eat a tablespoon or two of food a feeding to start. My kids were/are pretty happy to just sit in the chair and play with a toy while I fed/feed them, so I can give a spoonful, tidy something, give another spoonful… I actually get a lot done!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Point 2 will help with point 1. As soon as Oliver (7 months) started wearing his amber necklace, his drooling ceased almost completely. I still don’t know if it helps with teething pain, but I feel it’s worth it for the lack of drool alone. We bought our’s at

    As for solids, remember “Before 1, just for fun.” It helps to cut back on the stress of how much and what they’re eating. We’re doing baby led weaning and usually give O some of what we’re eating. If what we’re having isn’t baby friendly, like soup, then I’ll give him a slice of apple or a graham cracker. He gets mad if he doesn’t have something to nom on when we sit down to dinner. But I’m operating under the assumption that he’s still getting his nutrition from breastmilk, and the solid food is just for him to explore new textures and flavors and to learn how to chew and swallow.

    Hope you can find something helpful in all that!

    • Suz says:

      Elizabeth, Thanks for the link to Their prices look pretty good. Do you remember what style/color necklace y’all have?

      Love the phrase ‘before one, just for fun!’ I’ll try to keep that in mind.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I bought one that has a mix of light and dark beads. I read that the lighter the color of the amber, the more effective it is, but I feel like the darker color looks a little more boy-ish. Here’s the one we have:

        The necklaces ship from Lithuania and they say it could take 14-24 days to arrive, but I got mine within a week (I live in Texas).

  6. We did something like sleep training with the kid at 6 months. First, her doc said no more swaddling, so we spent a week getting rid of that slowly. Then we surrounded her with pacifiers (maybe 10 or more) and let her cry for 10-15 minutes before rescuing her at night. That took about 3-4 nights to get her used to going back to sleep herself. It eliminated one night waking, and we kept the second until after we weaned at 14 months (we offered a sippy cup of milk and snuggling at that dream feed and it went away in 2 nights).

  7. Pops says:

    I’m going to combine my commenets to cover two of Zan’s blogPost. You spoke of the pain of needing/having to place MoeKitty in an enviroment that is better suited for him and Z&L. I appauled your decision and also (to quote a former President), “I feel your pain”. As a child I was very blessed to have always had a dog, from Lassie (yes a Collie, just like on late 50’s TV) all the way though college. It is kinda funny now looking back…but it appeared the older and larger I became the smaller the dog. From Collies to Boxers to Bull Mast then to poddles and toy poddles, ha-ha. But each time one of those beloved animals past on to the Great Dog Walk in the sky I was heart broken, even now at an age when grown men are looked down on for crying (I’m 57) I was still crushed when Mom & Dad had to relieve their Standard Poddle Bogey of his ongoing pain from CA. Losing MoeKitty hurts and will continue to be painful…but MoeKitty is still around just in a different location. Once Z&L are older maybe you guys can get them a puppy or kitty that can grow up with them. My Lassie was a constant companion (and a substitute sibling, due to my “only child status”).

    • Suz says:

      Thanks Dad! Moe’s been pretty sweet with me this week too. It is reassuring that we’ll still be able to visit & hug on him when we go to GA. And yes, when they’re older, I’ll definitely work on Jason about getting them another kitty.

  8. Pops says:

    I was just so moved by the wonderful suggestions that readers of your blog have posted. What a great resource for the exchanging of ideas. Heck, I’ll have to check if Ukrops/Martins offer curbside pick up. I will assume that one goes online at HT’s website and orders the goods and them you drive there and they bring the purchases out to your car, fantastic!
    If you would like I can speak to Santa and see if he and Ms Claus (please note the use of Ms vs Mrs., I’m sure PC has caught up with residence of the North Pole) have the ability to offer Merry Maid services to RDU area.
    Great suggestions and wonderful insight.

    • Suz says:

      You’ll have to check to see if your local grocery stores have curbside pickup. I know Mom likes to shop, but you could pick up groceries that way & save her the trip. Sounds like a good plan for both our households.

      And as for Molly Maids, I think the VA Santa might already have a full bag, but I’m going to put a bug in the Jason Santa ear about it! 🙂

  9. Kate says:

    I third Harris Teeter curb side pick up….If you are like me you hate planning meals also and that is what takes up my time. My sister introduced me to EZ Meals ( They plan your weekly menu and even do the grocery list for you. You can cater to the style of your diet is (Gluten, Paleo, Etc). If you look hard enough, some site will even do menus around your areas weekly coupons to your preferred store.

    Just remember, you are doing a wonderful job and Lucy and Zach are not going to remember if the floors are not vacuumed this week. Take the time to cuddle those babies!!

  10. Kristi says:

    Here is my advice…

    1. I would not rush the solids and I think you should feel fine about not making your own. Sometimes money well spent saves a lot of stress from your life. We used Earth’s Best and it was just fine for both of my kids. Neither of mine loved jar food so we found that was a short phase.

    2. I am NUTS about routines. Bath, bottle, bed and I personally think that babies thrive on it as well. So, we were big about having a bed time and sticking to it. I think that you need to prioritize what is important- nursing, you time, sleep etc… and then figure out if you need a different routine at night etc…

    3. Does Peapod deliver in your area? Can you sneak out when they are both down for the night or when they nap on the weekends?

    4. We have a cleaning lady and it is for my sanity. It costs us but it has made us all happier and house actually gets cleaned.

    5. Christmas…forget it… Do something small and don’t worry about it this year.

    6. Cooking- can you ask someone to do some freezer cooking for you? Or can you do it? We lived on things like that for awhile. We also bought a lot of things that didn’t require a ton of effort. Cheese, crackers, vegetables and hummus, protein bars etc…

    I am sure I am just restating a lot of things other have said but it does get easier. You will get in a routine and you have to feel good about solids and sleep training if you are going to do it. We “tap out” when we need 15 minutes of peace and quiet… no it is not easy on the other person but maybe you send Jason to the store on Saturday morning and you get an hour to run an errand or two on Sunday.

    • Suz says:

      I love all your advice. Thank you so much!

      I use the ‘tap out’ for sure, especially for overnight when they won’t quickly go back to sleep after nursing. So thankful for my husband handling that when I’m exhausted & nerves frayed.

  11. Cole says:

    The only bit of advise I have is about starting solids – Mommy waited until about 6 months with both Lulu and me (when we were able to sit for 30 seconds independently) and then did Baby Led Weaning. It’s awesome – no messing around with baby foods & purees – the babies just eat what you eat!

  12. Alena says:

    Amber teething neckalces, not used. There’s a place that Emilee can tell you where to get it. And bibs, terry cloth. Will absorb the drool and when they teethe they shove it in their mouth for relief.

    Grocery pickup curbside, worth it 100%.

    Don’t make baby food unless you have to. That’s just asking for more work. If you’re overwhelmed, take the pressure off.

    • Suz says:

      I’m doing almost nightly laundry just in the terry cloth bibs alone! Thank goodness I bought a ton of them at a MOM consignment. They do absorb Lucy’s drool & she loves to chew them. I think she’ll get a tooth first but the pedi checked this morning & she couldn’t see any in either of their mouths.

      I *really* wanted to make their food. But yeah, unless I can block off weekend day with family in town to help watch the babes, I don’t think I’ll have time to do it. I think taking the pressure off & spending a couple bucks on jar food is better for me & the babies than overwhelmed, stressed out Suz.

      Thanks A!

  13. flmgodog says:

    I think you are doing awesome!
    I have eleven month old twin boys (can’t believe they will be a year old!)
    I made their food when they first started solids, mostly veggies. I didn’t stress about it just roasted a BUNCH of veggies and mashed them. Like others said they really are not on them long. We almost immediately did our version of BLW. One thing I did read in a Tyler Florence “Sprout” CB was that children in other countries (and our country) are much more adventurous eaters because their parents cook/feed them with the same spices as they eat. We added all kinds of different spices to our purees and honestly our boys are so much more adventurous than my dautghter ever was because of this.

    Our boys wear the amber necklaces. I think they help with the drool but I am not convinced that it helps the teething pain. Our daycare swears it has helped but I have to sleep in the same house as these little people and wake up with them a million times a night. Just sayin’
    We don’t have grocery delivery in our area – BOOOO – but I know a lot of twin families swear by it

    I also second and fifteenth the cleaning/maid service. We have a service come every other week. Frankly I am even embarassed by the state of our house when the cleaning person arrives. My house always looks like a bomb hit it. One of the best gifts ever.

    • Suz says:

      I might try my hand at making some veggies in the next couple weekends to freeze then have when they’re ready. I like the spices idea to keep them adventurous!
      I’m right there with you on the bomb when off in our house!

  14. Brandy says:

    Grocery shopping is one of those things I have to squeeze into the fifteen minutes I’ve got in between work and going home to watch the kids. I feel like I’m gonna have to do all my Christmas shopping in one run. I’ll get the hubs to watch the kids one Saturday afternoon and I’ll have to get everything done at one time.

    • Suz says:

      So far, online shopping has saved me! My work allows us long lunches once a week in Dec to get shopping done. I used to use that time to meander around the mall or meet friends for lunch. Now, I’m going to take off running to get my Christmas shopping errands done!

  15. lisa anne smith says:

    Online shopping is great. Daily deal sites often have deals on organic baby foods. I just purchased a 20.00 voucher for 40.00 worth of goods at They had a sale for 40.00 off of a hundred dollar purchase. I spent another 20.00 long with my voucher to get 100.00 worth of organic baby food for 40.00 out of pocket. I usually just Google baby food/ daily deals. We have had a 17 yr old neighbor girl who has helped with the three babies and housework for the last 5 years. She has become worth her wait in gold and can run the house and children at this point. An extra pair of hands is great when we come in from work. Letting go is the hardest thing. Everything does not have to be perfect. Sleeping schedules is the number one hardest lesson I ever learned. Some babies are easy and some like my daughter never slept and nursed all night for two years..

    • Suz says:

      I’ll have to keep an eye out for the organic baby foods. I’d not hard of that eco mom site before. Thanks for the heads up! I love a good deal!!

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