Since I use this blog as my therapy, my place to vent, I thought I’d list what’s stressing me out & overwhelming me at the moment.

  • The babies crazy drooling.
  • Amber necklaces or no? Where to buy? Used available?
  • Teething.
  • Starting Solids. When? How? What food? Scheduling that in our {already crazy} mornings & nights. When I’ll have time to make food. Heck, when will we have time to put together the high chairs. We have the breastfeeding routine down so well that I hate to change it even though I think they’re ready.
  • Solids poop. And cloth diapering solids poop. And washing solids poop diapers.
  • Zach’s blisters from using disposables over Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Night tine Routines. Our current routine is an attempt at organized chaos until they konk out. Night weaning? Sleep training?
  • Decorating for Christmas.
  • Grocery shopping. Takeout is impossible for me to do alone with both babies. We can’t live on restaurants with drive thrus. Only possibility of grocery shopping is going during my 45 minute lunch.
  • Cleaning my house. Heck, having the time to empty my dishwasher is overwhelming much less, the thought of vacuuming, changing sheets, mopping & cleaning bathrooms.
  • Finishing up Christmas shopping. Again, this will have to be done at lunch or online. & if you’re the recipient of a gift from us, it’ll be thrown in a bag if you’re lucky.
  • Downloading the Thanksgiving photos from the DSLR. I know I took good ones that the family wants. When will I have time to do this?!

Whew. Seeing that list makes me feel a little better that it’s out there verses rolling around in my head. If you have any helpful advise on the above, I’d love to hear it in the comments, tweets, emails or texts.