In the spirit of the wedding blog hop & tattoo blog hop (which I missed since I’m tattoo-less), some awesome blogger buddies came up with the Pet Blog Hop.

Meet Moe (taken from my phone while he was cudding on the couch with me last week). I discussed Moekitty in a few posts of his own before. Here’s where I showed yall his love of my sandals. I couldn’t find the remote one night & here’s why.

I’m at work and this is the only photo I had save on my work computer (it’s from him cuddling with Jason on the couch last year) of Moekitty, the 17.8ish pound of fluff that shares our couch & bed!

Moe’s pretty lazy. Sometimes he gets back in bed or stays in bed even after we get up. He didn’t like that I was photographing his laziness that day.
He’s a pretty long & big cat (not just fat) as seen stretching here.
This pictures from the fall. This is before he decided that his blue best friend the wubba was tasty.
He loves to stare out the back doors into the yard. There’s a neighborhood outdoor cat that occasionally comes to visit Moe at this back door. When that happens they both jump at the door. I’m not sure if its fighting or excitment (I vote the first).
I actually was a bad cat mom this morning and forgot to feed him before I left for work. As you can tell by the photos, he’ll be ok missing a meal! I know he’ll be waiting by the door when I get home to lead me over to his bowl to let me know though!

This is a blog hop so feel free to add your blog about your favorite pet below. Check back at Cole’s First Blog to see what will be next month’s hop!