Weekly project 365. The working-in-Edenton-again edition.

Day 260: As seen in my Fall Saturday post, I enjoyed a busy day full of friends & football {& cupcakes}!

Wolfpack Cupcakes

Day 261: I ran errands, did laundry, unpacked & packed again to be gone for a week. I forgot to take a photo until after midnight as I was going to bed. So no photo this day.

Day 262: Monday was one of the claims supervisor’s birthdays. We used to work together in claims & now we’re both at the home office. The Edenton office jumped in on a joke with a cake then a few of us grabbed margaritas & burritos at the local Mexican restaurant for a little b-day celebration that night.

Fishbowl margararita? Don't mind if I do!

Day 263: After a long day of work, another underwriter in town & I picked up Famous Subs for dinner. By 10p, my wine glass was being emptied & the sleep mask was calling my name.

Wild night in Edenton

Day 264: Wednesday night, we walked the five blocks down to 309 Bistro where I ate the heck out of a great salad & shrimp/feta/artichoke pasta dish. On the walk back, I snapped this photo of the Taylor {movie theater where the previous Wed I’d seen The Help}.

309 & the Taylor in historic downtown

Day 265: After another trip to Famous Subs {it was really good, close by & inexpensive}, I packed, watched the Wolfpack gets their butts kicked, & welcomed Grey’s back on the air with a couple glasses of wine.

I'd shed my red Gussy headband as a sad NCSU fan.

Day 266: While I could talk about my crazy Friday car accident, instead, I’m sharing photos of my home away from home for the last two weeks, The Packhouse Inn. I stayed in room 5 {the four corner windows on the second floor} of the Proprietor’s house & it was lovely. My home for two weeks

What was the best part of your week?