Day 36: Saturday I went to our friends’ engagement party & had Jason take a few SOS photos before I went out.  I participated in Joy of Love’s Day 5 {what you love to hate} with these photos.  For me it’s the clutter & clothes stacks.  I can atest that the clothes stacks were attached on Sunday but I believe until TLC knocks on the door for a makeover, we might be stuck with some clutter.

Day 37: Sunday after church I went to a Pottery Barn design class.  Part of the class focused on pillows.  I bought one covered & moved around some others.  I love my cozy nook of the den.

Day 38: Monday I cheated.  Jason took this so it’s not *really* mine, but it’s the only photo taken.  It also made me smile when I checked my phone at work & found Moe starring down the pillow in “his” chill spot.

Day 39: Tuesday night was the usual The Bachelor on the laptop.  This time it was right after work before Jason got home & as soon as I was on the loveseat with the Valentine’s Day owl blanket, I had a buddy making his bed on the couch with me.

Day 40: Wednesday night Moe was napping & I was watching TV in our usual spots.  He looks funny with his eyes half-open when I snapped this.  Also check out my Joy of Love day 9 {their hobby} post.

Day 41: Thursday morning, we woke up to a dusting of snow.  Moe & I enjoyed looking out the window at it.  I used this photo as Joy of Love day 10 {their favorite space}. Jason & I headed off to our 1st RE appt.

Day 42: Friday night we met friends out for dinner.  It was actually a surprise 30th for our friend Dave.  Good job Beth for pulling off the surprise!  I also received Boden purchases & tried on the skirt before I left for dinner.

How was  your week?