Fifty weeks into project 365.

Day 344: Papa putting the finishing touches on his Christmas tree.

Merry Charlotte Christmas!

Day 345: Love these two photos of Sarah & Cheryl from our ABBA You Can Dance party.

They were feelin' the 70s tunes!

Day 346: We finally finished decorating our Christmas trees!

It looks like Christmas now at our house.

Day 347: My coworkers had birthday’d up my cube Monday morning. I broke down some of the decor Tuesday morning.

Pretty cube, right?

Day 348: Wednesday night was my Chi O alum cookie exchange. So much fun & look at the cookie loot I took home {& then to work}!

Janie grabbing cookies, sisters & new friends chatting, my loot, Uno {he's trying to be as big as Moe}, the drinks, Nicole & I, & the end of the party food counter.

Day 349: I arrived home after a {sober Suz} coworker happy hour & couldn’t not snap this photo of Moekitty in our doorway.

I love that Moe was looking up at the lights.

Day 350: After six {busy} photographed days in a row. I gloriously did nothing Friday night & didn’t take any photos.

Hope you had a great week!