I don’t think so! Took a photo 5 out of 7 days. I say that’s a sucess!

Day 85 Saturday Jason & I had an impromptu date night at NoFo. I snapped this with my cell before we headed out.

Day 86 no photo Sunday {but if you look close at the above photo you’ll see all the laundry that we folded this day}.

Day 87 Monday I photo’d my sub which I turned into my Beano’s Brand review.

Day 88 This was the only photo I took Tuesday. Alethea met me at Chow for little beers and their amazing shrimp quesadilla.

Day 89 Wednesday I didn’t take any photos.

Day 90 Charlotte’s held a Jack Rogers trunk show. Here’s my cell photos of the shoes. I didn’t buy any but had fun admiring them.

Day 91 I’d already put sweets in my snack bag Friday. I love the inside of the bag. It’s my favorite. Even better when filled with gummies! {even think, I’m not that old looking, then see a shot of the wrinkles on the inside of your hand?! Yep, looks like 29 year olds}

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