Day 134: Saturday I thought we’d chill since I’d been gone all week. Instead Jason had the plan that we’d package then mail a couple car parts that he’d sold while I was gone. Below was his rear bumper. {we wrapped it in sheets, duct tape, plastic, boxes, duct tape & more plastic.}

Day 135: Sunday was a chill day. Catching up with each other & Moekitty.

Day 136: Monday was busy. Met up with my friend Beth & baby Reagan for lunch, Laura & her girls stopped by after work to pickup something, then I walked with Alethea. Moe & I were happy to snuggle & watch TV that night.

Day 137: Tuesday night I made Chicken Cranberry Ranch. We’d both forgotten how good it is & how yummy of leftovers it makes!


Day 138: Even Moekitty likes the clean kitchen floors. Thanks Shark Mop.

Day 139: Thursday I worked late, picked up Subway which we made yummier with Beano’s sauce, then switched to &! So busy I didn’t take any photos.

Day 140: Friday night I worked late again {I’m traveling for work again all next week}, walked with Alethea, then enjoyed dinner with the husband. No photo taken.

How was your week?