Saturday Day 120 was the March for Babies. Where I didn’t bring my DSLR nor my cell. But I looked & realized I took this self-portrait in Emilee Beth‘s awesome boots after midnight Friday night. Love these with a skirt like she was wearing & with jeans tucked in & out! I *need* a pair, yes?!

Day 121 Sunday was filled with brunch with my family, snuggles with ETC, then a drive back home. Upon arrival {after husband & Moekitty hugs}, I ripped open Ree’s new book Charlie. I read it that minute. So cute!

Day 122 I have no idea what I did Monday. Nothing photo worthy I guess.

Day 123 Tuesday I picked up chic-fil-a for dinner. I get my diet lemonade no ice so that I get more. Then I add my own cup & ice! & if I’d had firefly it’d be in there too. {makes list to get some today}

Day 124 Wednesday was busy! Work, gas {$50+ worth!}, coworker happy hour, book club, dinner with book club girls then home. I ended the night making banana pudding~I’d been anxiously waiting for spring to make this again.

Day 125 I took the banana pudding to Chi O dinner club. At Jen’s, I met Bubba, her Bull Mastiff who I adored because he reminded me of my grandparents Bull Mastiff, Clyde, from when I was really little. I also showed off my thumb.

Day 126 Friday we got an email from HR about the geese that have taken up residence in our parking area {they’ve been around for a few weeks & we were cautioned to drive slow}. I left work late to find them just hanging out beside my car.

How was your week?