This week was BlogHer & photo detox. So sorry for the lack of quality photos, but here’s what I did take photos of this week.

Day 218: Y’all have already seen my long BlogHer Saturday post, but here’s two photos of the Hilton {I walked there for the de Wafelbakkers suite}.

Day 219: Sunday meant the end of BlogHer & my crazy flights trying to get home. I found this cute photo of Jen & Angela from lunch on my cell.

Day 220: It was *close* to/after midnight east coast time when I took photos of my diet coke & TCBY at the airport. So I’m calling these my Monday photos. Diet Coke & TCBY

Day 221: I blew off book club Tuesday to nap, grab Lynnwood with Jason {who decided he wanted wings after I’d already boxed up my leftover calzone} then sleep again.

Day 222: Crazy RE appt Wednesday morning then I just chilled after work. No photo.

Day 223: Thursday I worked late to make up for coming in later Wed, napped, watched TV, and then slept again. No photo.

Day 224: I wanted to go out to dinner. Jason wanted to just run to Wendy’s. We compromised by running to El Rodeo. El RodeoHow was your week?