My week was both busy & chill. My favorite kind!  It was also the first time I missed a day of my #project365!

Day 22 Last Saturday was Beth’s baby shower which was so much fun!

Day 23: Sunday went to church with my friends Kelly, Brett, Beth & Kevin then relaxed that afternoon with a good book & a sleepy Moekitty.

Day 24: Monday was a busy day at work but ended awesomely with a girls night at Lynnwood.

Day 25: Tuesday I ended up leaving work midday to take Jason to the doctor for his eye. I luckily grabbed my book as we were walking out the door because we had a bit of a wait.  I read again Tuesday evening. {photo was actually taken Sunday though! My first p365 cheat!}

Day 26: Wednesday a day filled with fun: breakfast with a new agent, lunch with a coworker out on maternity leave, then Chi O alum Bunco which made the sadness of it being Ma’s birthday not as hard.

Day 27: Thursday Jason & I chilled at home. I’d packed a small lunch & was starving! by the time I left work.  But a spicy chickfila sandwich was the perfect dinner & hit the spot {along with waffle fries & ketchup & half diet lemonade-sweet tea}.

Day 28: I worked a little late Friday to make up for time I was out Tuesday.  I got home & was on the floor with Moe while he was playing with his toys.  I took a few photos of him thinking they’d be the project 365, but then I rolled over & saw the snowman & shot it, cat fur on the floor & all {just keepin’ it real}.

How was your week?