First, I’m so so humbled by the response to my “I’m pregnant” post {& really still getting used to typing “pregnant”}! Thank you!

I told some friends this week I’d considered giving up on project 365 & heard a resounding NO WAY! So here I am, back with week forty three. Can you believe that the days are into the 300s this week?!

Day 295: Saturday was my brother’s wedding. Here’s a photo I didn’t put in that wedding post. I love the onlookers, the helpers & the photographers as well as the gorgeous bride!


Tieing Beth into her Dress

Day 296: Sunday Jason was so hungover we didn’t leave my parent’s house until late afternoon. Moekitty was thrilled to see him when we made in back home.

Moe Kitty

Happy family reunion

Day 297: After a blur of a day that began with a positive beta & ended in Charlotte with family dinner before my great-aunt’s funeral the next morning, I shared our news with my Papa & aunts over dinner which included this slice of strawberry cake.

Strawberry Cake

That's lime & marshmellow drizzled on the plate. You're drooling right?

Day 298: Between traveling, fondly remembering Virg, traveling back home & napping, I didn’t take any photos Tuesday.

Day 299: Thank goodness Jason took out the recycling Tuesday &  I think this photo of all his diet cokes over a couple day span prompted him to clean up Wednesday night. 🙂

Diet Coke

Diet Coke obession much? {no longer mine!}

Day 300: Thursday night meant girls night at Lynnwood! So happy that Poe shared one of these stuffed mushrooms with me. Also who knew how cheap eating out was when you don’t drink?! {not me til now!}

Fried Stuffed Mushrooms

Cheesy Fried Mushrooms

Day 301: My friend Rhiannon is getting married in December, about 15 of her friends celebrated with a night out downtown Friday. I got home & into bed after 1:30a, but I had a great time with the girls & people watching!

Raleigh Bachelorette Night

The Bride-to-Be & Shots!

Hope your week was as exciting as mine! Don’t forget to enter to win my Lovable Labels giveaway!