Only took photos four out of seven days. I’ll try to do better this next week. Here’s week 46 in photos.

Day 316: Saturday I tackled my closets. This pile is what I took to Goodwill.

Two huge bags worth of out of style or no longer fit clothes

Day 317: No photo taken in between naps!

Day 318: These were my new best friends: ginger ale & Costco almonds.

Pregnant lady evening snack.

Day 319: No photo Tuesday

Day 320: No photo Wednesday either.

Day 321: I already shared Thursday’s group ultrasound photo, but here’s a close up on two babies. {cell photo of the u/s pic}

Top embryo is the one measured. It's the mid-sized one.

Day 322: My desk at work Friday mid-morning; complete with multiple snacks, to-do lists &, you know, a little work related items.

One YoCrunch every morning, gummies through out the day, goldfish & banana for later.

Hope you had a great week!