Forty-eight weeks into project 365. And honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over at this point. But here’s the photos I took last week.

Day 330: My father-in-law’s been feeding these ducks & geese since they were babies. They eat out of his hands. They freaked me out a lil being oh so close.

Not afraid of people geese

Day 331: Once we got home from our Thanksgiving weekend, I broke out the Christmas china for a bowl of cereal!

Lenox Holiday Gatherings

Day 332: No photo Monday.

Day 333: Getting some Moe cuddles Tuesday night on the couch.


Day 334: After struggling in heels & normal pants all day, I ran to the mall after work for flat boots & H&M maternity clothes. No photo.

Day 335: Went back to the mall for exchanges & Christmas shopping on my way to Suzanne’s Posy Market launch party at Epona & Oak. Here’s just a few of the cute owl items I drooled over & Moe & I in my new grey boots & H&M tunic once I got home.

Owls & matching Suz & Moe

Day 336: Friday I got home from work & Moe jumped up on me {before I’d even taken off my orange coat}. Three of his four paws where on my hand. Took this photo with my left hand.

Moekitty cuddles!

Hope you had a fabulous week.