I kinda gave up on my tumblr page this week.  It was too much to upload them there knowing that I planned to do this post also.  Again Tuesday & Wednesday are blah days where I was scrounging for photos.

Day 43: Saturday I joined up with Joy of Love’s Day 12: the eyes.

Day 44: Sunday Oh yes, that Gigi’s cupcake was so delicious!

Day 45: Monday I ate the other Gigi’s cupcake for dinner.  Happy Valentine’s day to me! Oh & we had an unwanted visitor or two show up!

Tuesday no photo!

Day 47: Wednesday I attempted to join in with Joy of Love’s Day 15: Kiss {I didn’t post & am calling this a fail}.  I was taking it as a self-portrait.  Moe was like what is going on!

Day 48: Thursday meant it was time to paint my toenails to get ready for weather in the 70s and peep-toe shoes to work the next day.

Day 49: Friday night I made Nana’s cheese straws & although the end result didn’t look exactly like Nana’s, they’re pretty tasty!