Over the weekend before last, I traveled with my aunt down to Charlotte. My Papa was throwing a party for friends who’ve been big supports to him while he & Ma were sick then her passing away. He’s had an awesome full recovery from his illnesses & was feeling ready to celebrate.

My immediate family, along with my aunts & my cousin Preston & his wife Krissie, came down to all be there too. Krissie’s also pregnant, so it was great to be able to compare pregnancies & catch up with them. They just found out they’re having a girl & we’re all really excited! Krissie was about 20 weeks & I was 16 weeks with the trips. We meant to take a good belly photo that night at the party but sadly forgot. Here’s the best one of us from that afternoon. Can y’all believe my Papa is going to be a great-grandfather to four babies by June!?

Papa's Party Saturday

I left my DSLR at home & we also forgot to get a big family photo. But I did remember to take a few photos of the party & decorations. The event was held at his retirement community clubhouse {they have the best food!}, & my mom & aunts did the flower decorations.

The next morning before most of us headed back {Preston & Krissie left early early Sunday}, we went to church together then stuffed ourselves at the clubhouse brunch. I grubbed on an omelet, grits, Belgium waffles, fruit & banana pudding before the babies told me I was more than out of room.

We grabbed the rest of the baby things we’d left at Papa’s after Christmas, made a quick trip to Jenny’s to pick up another swing {remember I said they’re already spoiled!}, & headed back to Raleigh. Our house is really starting to look like triplet central thanks to Jenny & her triplet hand-me-downs! Yay!