I’ve decided that I would post the charts for my past two cycles.  Cycle 11 began Thanksgiving weekend & O date slipped up on us over my birthday weekend and then as Ma turned for the worst, TTC was sent to the back of my mind.  I spotted for such a long time I was beginning to wonder what was up.  Then CD1 happened Christmas day on top Ma’s passing.  11 day LP is the longest yet.

I’d love to get y’alls thoughts on my O date for cycle 12.  Did I O on day 12 {which was what FF advanced says} or did I O on day 16 {based on +opk}?  Either way isn’t perfect, but I either had a normalish length LP but +opk after O date or good high temp climb but super short LP.

As for cycle 13, we looked up the forecasted due date if I were to get pregnant this cycle & it would be Oct 24th.  We decided based on my brother’s wedding being Oct 22nd that we didn’t want to have us or our families deal with that chance.  I’d hate to miss their wedding or make my parents choose between son’s wedding & first grandchild.  It was also nice this weekend to not wake up and temp at 7am.

Also, we happened to be at our regular doctor today {Jason got something in his eye & had to get something for the scratches}.  I asked her who she recommended as a new Ob/Gyn as I want to switch {if you’re in Raleigh area, please let me know who you like}.  I told her I was asking since we planned to go to get a referral for the RE for testing etc. Our awesome doctor advised as our primary she could refer us {skipping that extra copay!!}.  So we don’t have an appt quite yet, but it’s in the works.  I’ll keep y’all posted how things go!