Recent Silliness

I was just glancing through my phone & wanted to share these here. Some of these photos were posted on instagram & thus made their way to fb & twitter. But too often, I don’t end up sharing enough of Zach & Lucy’s lighter moments here.

This was Memorial day after being cooped up in the van for 3 hours. Lucy loves to hug Zach {& us too}. He likes it & laughs for a minute before yelping. She’s a fierce hugger.


Last weekend, after i got home from a fun bee themed brunch baby shower, J ran out to old navy & to lunch while I played with the babes. I put L on the musical car & Zach jumped behind to push her. When they hit the black chair, they got stuck & laughed!


We took advantage of Moe’s free burrito deal & ordered Tuesday night. All four of us ate at Moe’s for $5. Lucy & Zach had fun taking in all the kids there {also kids night} & enjoyed parts of our burritos. Welcome to Moe’s!


Once we arrived home, they still seemed hungry. Lucy had done pretty good work on my burrito but most of what J gave Z ended up on his face & onesies & lap. Z thought eating yogurt & animal crackers in just a cloth diaper was hilarious. Not sure what was cracking Lucy up {me, I guess}.


Their smiles are so amazing right now!


  1. Valerie says:

    You kids are so crazy cute. Their smiles just make me grin.

    And the photos of the restaurant remind me it’s time to get back out the disposable sticky place mats again now that Evelyn is sitting in the high chair at restaurants. 🙂
    Valerie recently posted..Making Changes

    • Suz says:

      Thanks! Yes, we love those plastic restaurant place mats. Someone gave them to me at a shower & I feel much better about them eating off them vs a who knows how clean table.

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