My parents & 3 other couples hosted a couples shower for Matt & Katie this past Saturday night. Matt & his family have been family friends of ours for over 20 years! My brother is in the wedding & we’re really looking forward to their Oct 4th wedding in Wilmington.
Mom & her friends got together a couple different times to plan the meals & alcohol. The SAH ladies cooked some Friday then Amy T joined Mom & I Saturday.
I was put in charge of making my Oreo Brownies. I also helped with the fruit salad by melon balling, cutting up strawberries, grapes, pineapple (I ate the core!). Amy & Mom steamed shrimp using the Old Bay seasoning recipe. I was the official stirrer of mom’s Cranberry Salad Cole Slaw & I encouraged adding more craisins! (recipe below.) I feel like there was something else, but I’ve forgotten.
I don’t have all the recipes, but here’s approximately the menu.
Appetizers: Hot Corn Dip (version of recipe below), Cherry Tomatoes halved with basil & fresh mozzerella inside with basalmic dip, Chipolte Raspberry Cheese Ball, & Steamed Shrimp.
Dinner: Cranberry Salad Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Spiral Ham, Curried Fruit Chicken Salad (with Costco Rolls), Fruit Salad, Deviled Eggs.
Dessert: Oreo Brownies, Creme Puffs & Strawberries with chocolate dip.

Cranberry Salad Cole Slaw
4 c coleslaw (1 bag)
1 bunch broccoli
8 slices cooked bacon (we omitted)
1 small chopped purple onion (we used Vilada)
1 c craisins (or more)
1 c mayo
2 tsp red wine vinegar
1/2 c sugar
Optional: silvered almonds or chopped walnuts
Mix first 5 ingredients in medium-large bowl. Set aside. Mix last 3 ingredients in a large bowl (they’re the dressing). Combine all ingredients just before serving.

Hot Corn Dip
1 (11 oz) can Mexicorn
1 c mayo or sour cream
1/2 c Parmesan shredded cheese
1 c Mexican mix shredded cheese
3 tbsp finely chopped Jalepeno peppers (Mom uses 1 (4 oz) can green chillies)
Combine and bake for 30 minutes at 350. Serve with scoops.

Curry Fruit Chicken Salad (Jan said she got it from which is where I found this one but not sure its the same, but its close though)
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cooked & diced
1 stalk celery, chopped
1/2 small apple, peeled, cored & chopped
1/3 c golden raisins
1/3 c seedless green grapes, halved
1/2 c chopped toasted pecans
1/8 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp curry powder
3/4 c mayo
Combine & stir all ingredients together. Serve & enjoy.