Another week in this pregnancy has gone by. I’m a day late in this but didn’t have internet Fri & last night while Jason played MW3. Yesterday, I cleaned out closets, napped, watched football {I’m a sad NCSU fan}, napped, watched football {husband’s a happy GA fan}, showered & dressed to pick up dinner to-go & so Jason could take this photo.

No makeup, wet hair, chubby belly.

How Far Along? seven weeks yesterday.

Maternity Clothes? nope.

Weight Gain? haven’t weighed myself in months. I don’t think anything yet.

Stretch Marks? nope.

Sleep? pretty good. Still getting up a couple times a night to pee & sometimes have a snack too.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing three sacs & the two heartbeats on the ultrasound Thursday.

Movement? no.

Gender? no idea.

What I miss? sleeping through the night.

Symptoms: Morning sickness kicked in this week. Except it’s more morning & night. I wake up HUNGRY but feeling super hungover. Cereal & ginger ale work well then a yogurt snack around 930a. I’m great between 10a & midday as long as I snack a little every couple of hours. Evenings I go back to that hungover feeling that lasts until I go to sleep. But at this point, I’m still happy for the symptoms which often mean a healthy pregnancy.

What I’m looking forward to? Another ultrasound this Thursday!

Weekly Wisdom: Listen to the doctor but listen to your body too. Doctor didn’t think necessary for me to eat/drink any more than normal. But I’m more thirsty & eating often keeps pukey feeling at bay.

Milestones: At seven weeks, the babies are the size of blueberries & are growing hands & feet. Awww.

Emotions: I went from very overwhelmed at the news of triplets last Saturday & Sunday to very excited & protective of them. Due to number three being elusive Thursday, I’m not sure what to feel. A bit apprehensive, yet I think due to all the prayers surrounding us, I’ve also felt very calm this week.