I went to a sprinkle yesterday {a 2nd baby shower} & took photos once I’d gotten home from there & updating our Target registry. This is a new tunic I found on super sale at Boden. Love it & wish I’d bought another one! How far along? 17w1d

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah. Normal T-shirts are starting to show the bump underneath!

Weight Gain? up a little more than 16 pounds at the last appt. Don’t weigh myself at home.

Stretch Marks? none yet.

Sleep? Doing pretty good.

Movement? Still not sure that I’m feeling them but not sure that I’m not either.

Genders? Still thinking boys/girls mixture but we’ll see for sure next Tuesday.

What I Miss? Nothing at the moment.

Food cravings? Fruit & carbs taste best. I throw in veggies & protein because I have to. I’m planning a “what I eat for triplets” post soon.

Food aversion? Still haven’t eaten Mexican food but I did have salsa yesterday & it was yummy.

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie.

What Iā€™m Looking Forward to? Showers soon~ can’t wait to celebrate these trips with friends! & seeing the babies at the 1/31 appointment.

Weekly Wisdom? Feeling great these past few days. Started having some reflux at the beginning of the week, but Tums {or CVS brand Tums} are doing the job to make it better so far. So weekly wisdom, don’t suffer through reflux/indigestion unnecessarily.

Milestones? 17 weeks!! That means halfway to our goal of 34 weeks! The babies {according to baby center} are the weight/size of turnips. And this week they’re developing sweat glands {hope they’re not sweaters like their momma-to-be!