In a fog of cold medicine & while in bed, I wrote a post for Liberating Working Moms. I’m glad that it makes sense & is filled with {mostly} complete sentenses.

Katherine has posted recently on the importance of us mommas taking our vacation time for ourselves. I love that idea & added it to my hopefully-one-day-sooner-than-later to-do list.

I think as working moms, our meager sick & vacation times are often used up in a flash of sick babies & daycare/school vacations. While those days can be exhausting & tough, we enjoy the snuggles & flurry of activity. But those days are all about our little ones. The time we’ve earned, our time, is rarely used by us, for us.

This past Wednesday, I did something for the first time in my 11 months of motherhood: I called in sick & took all day off for me. Not to play nursemaid to Zach, Lucy nor my husband. {Y’all remember I did that enough to go a little crazy at the beginning of the year?} Yesterday was all me. My first sick momma day.

I’m feeling a little better today thanks to piling myself with hot tea, cough drops & Tylenol cold medicine. And sugar cookies {because cookies make everything better}. I’ve love to hear what you do to make yourself get or stay well when you have a Sick Momma Day of your own.