There’ve been a few books in the past year or so that I haven’t been able to read. Mostly ones where people complain about being pregnant. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult stood out for me for the opposite reason. The premise of the book focuses on an infertile couple, Zoe & Max. I was a little apprehensive that this book would hit a little too close to home. While there were definitely infertility medicines & procedures discussed, Zoe was doing IVF so it’s not exactly the same as us. I’d heard there were some inaccuracies in her infertility meds part, but if so, I didn’t catch them.

If you’ve read any other Jodi Picoult novels, you’ll recognize that she again in Sing You Home gives each character a voice {their own chapters & fonts}. I enjoy that ~ the feeling of being behind-the-scenes with each of the main characters.

I thought Jodi did a great job of portraying what infertility is like from a guy’s perspective. These two quotes from Max resonated with me {from chapter two so not really a spoiler}:

“I did everything she asked me to. I stopped drinking caffeine, I wore boxers instead of briefs, I started jogging instead of biking. I followed a diet she’d found online that increased fertility. I no longer put the laptop on my lap.

I’m not sure about all that but I have mentioned the laptop & biking thing to Jason. He was already a boxer dude. But he & his buddies haven’t been an issue for us. This next quote though scares me because I know this is sometimes {I hope rarely} us.

“I can’t really tell you the moment it went wrong. Maybe it was the first time, or the fifth, or the fiftieth that Zoe counted out the days of her menstrual cycle and crawled into bed and said, “Now!” Our sex life had become like Thanksgiving dinner with a dysfunctional family- something you have to show up for, even though you’re not really having a good time.

The infertility quote from Zoe that stood out & pretty much sums up my last twenty months quite well, “And to think, some people who want to have a baby only need to make love“.

Besides all the IF talk {really most of the book focused on other things}, I enjoyed learning about musical therapy through Zoe. I’d never really thought about that job, but looking back many of Ma’s fellow nursing home patients did perk up in the group singing/instrument playing activities. It really makes sense.

This book also brings up other hot-button topics like religion, depression, education, social politics & today’s families. I won’t say more beacuase I don’t want to give anything else away.

I know I talked a lot about the IF aspect of this book, but even if you’re not into infertility, I think you’d enjoy this book. Like other Jodi Picoult novels, Sing You Home makes you think & question your own thoughts about things {way to be specific, Suz!}.

I have read every novel Jodi has written {except for Perfect Match which is in my TBR pile}. Her books do follow a similar style & usually have a big twist or two at the end. This one also does that, but to me that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not exactly knowing what would happen had me reading in suspense until the end. Over all, if you’re a Jodi Picoult fan or not, I’d recommend requesting this from your library.