This is a follow up to both my six month Z & L updates & my overwhelmed post from earlier this week. Stick around to the end for some funny photos!

Here’s their official stats for 6 months. Lucy weighed 15 lb 7 oz & was 25.5 inches long. She’s between the 25-50 percentile in both categories.

Zach weighed 13lb 3 oz & was 25 inches long. Zach’s caught up to Lucy in length for the first time & is in the 25 percentile there. He’s most definitely still our skinny guy though at still under the 1 percentile in weight. He’s following his own growth curve well, so for now the doctor isn’t concerned.

The doctor felt they were doing great or even above where she’d think they’d be for six month but really 4.5 months when you adjust for them being 6 weeks early. She thought they’d be up & cruising & crawling by the time she sees them next at 9 months.

They did great for their standard & flu shots, crying less than before & recovering well in our arms. Only disappointment was they got denied from getting the RSV vaccine. They were deemed too healthy of preemies {this is clearly a good/bad thing}.

The pediatrician at their six month appointment Tuesday said for us to go ahead & start solids. Starting with rice cereal for a couple weeks before incorporating veggies & fruits. I was excited to have a plan.

Since I was already late into work due to their appointment & Tuesday are now my long lunch days for December, I went ahead & checked off grocery shopping off my to-do list at that time too. I hit up Whole Foods {it’s called Whole Paycheck for a reason, people, but it’s damn delicious} for a few items for quick lunches & dinners. I also wanted to buy organic rice cereal there. They had Earth’s Best oatmeal & rice/oatmeal/fruit combo but the doctor had said stick with just rice cereal at the beginning.

I went to Harris Teeter next where they had Earth’s Best rice cereal on sale for $2.50 a box. I bought two boxes as well as the best sub I’ve had for a while & enough food for us for breakfast, lunch & dinner for the week. Plus cupcakes because duh, you don’t pass up on sale cupcakes. I think I’ll plan to grocery shop while my in laws are in town this weekend then go with all the suggestions for curbside grocery pickup!

Z & L {unknowingly to them} all ready for cereal

We tried rice cereal with them Tuesday night. As per the doctor & box’s instructions, we mixed 1 tsp rice cereal to 5 tsp of warmed breast milk. We made that amount for each. We’ll split that amount between the two of them going forward.

First rice cereal face {on the chin & bib!}

Zach was way interested in the spoon & would be okay with Jason putting it in his mouth before he quickly stuck his tongue out & let the cereal fall out. There was definitely more on his Christmas bib than in his mouth. Once we let him hold another spoon, he was better at taking {a tiny} amount. Wednesday night, I think he was still kinda hungry from not nursing so well. He had a little rice cereal before he was crying enough that I grabbed him & solo nursed him til he was full & calm.

Here’s the procession of Lucy’s first experience of rice cereal in photos.

Lucy’s first taste of rice cereal

I can just see her thinking, “hmm what is this? Kinda smells like mommy”.

Then, BOOM. Very annoyed & sad Lucy girl.

Lucy took offense to me feeding her anything other than her beloved boob. She spit it out & more was on the bumbo & blanket than ever got into her mouth. She was pissed. And continued to be upset until I set the cereal down, picked her up & nursed her. First time was quite a fail for her, but I have to say she handled it much better Wednesday night. She still stuck her tongue out {& with it lots most of the cereal}, but she did eat some.