So I’ve decided I’d go ahead a do a weekly update to remember thoughts, feelings & photos of this pregnancy. Not sure if they’ll be posted on Fridays or Saturdays but please keep coming back!

I'll get better at these self-portraits & make them less blurry. I promise!

Photo taken after an early morning, all day cheering on NCSU kicking UNC’s butt, hair’s gone up & make up laughed off. It’s more me & lots of water bloat than baby belly but it shows a kinda starting point. I’ll try to wear similar outfits as the weeks go by.

How Far Along? Six weeks today.

Maternity Clothes? nope.

Weight Gain? haven’t weighed myself in months. I don’t think anythingย  yet.

Stretch Marks? nope.

Sleep? good besides waking up at least once to pee.

Best Moment of the Week? y’alls reaction to my stick around post. So much love!

Movement? no.

Gender? no idea.

What I miss? at the NCSU game today, I kinda sorta almost missed Firefly as I smelled Kelly & Jessica’s drinks.

Symptoms: breasts full & tender {since before I poas}, tired by end of day, Wed day I experience “morning sickness” for the first time. I didn’t puke, but I gagged at my desk until I ate forkfuls of peanut butter.

What Iโ€™m looking forward to? Ultrasound this week!

Weekly Wisdom: Drink water. Get rest. Sharing news with friends is awesome.

Milestones: Six weeks! There should be a heart beat on the US!

Emotions: So happy. Twenty three {this TTC cycle} might be my new favorite number.