I took these photos Saturday night after Papa’s party {little post to come on that} but I didn’t love them so I retook photos Sunday. I’d worn the grey H&M maternity tunic with leggings earlier but the jeans were on top of my bag. I really like the jeans better with the black Gap maternity top. To make up for last week’s lack of photo, I thought I’d share both.

hi to Mom in the background!

How far along? 16w2

Maternity clothes? yes. Starting to like wearing maternity tops for comfort as well as pants.

Weight Gain? up a little more than 16 pounds.

Stretch Marks? not yet.

Sleep? pretty good.

Movement? I’m starting to *think* that I’m feeling them, but I’m not super sure.

Genders? We hope healthy babies first. But would also love a mix of boys/girls. After our last appointment, the doctor suspects baby A is a boy, but we’ll see for sure 1/31.

What I Miss? not much this week.

Food cravings? Since recovering from cold/stomach bug, I haven’t really craved much. Bananas maybe.

Food aversion? Nothing new.

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie.

What Iā€™m Looking Forward to? The belly getting bigger. Seeing the babies for a while at the anatomy scan.

Weekly Wisdom? Resting is a good thing. Over-eating at grandfather’s brunch is bad. Between getting over the sick & less room in the tummy, I couldn’t handle my normal over-stuffing myself at brunch.

Milestones? The babies are the size of avocados this week & growing toenails!