Yes, you read that right. I was shocked last Friday to read on twitter first then weather bug that they were calling for a 30% chance of snow for Saturday 12/4 in NC. We didn’t believe it. I didn’t do the NC thing & stock up on bread & milk {we had both already}.

Our Saturday plans were to get our tree & decorate it & the rest of the house. We were being lazy & watching gameday & football Saturday morning. Moe being lazy {aka normal}.

Next thing I knew it was around 1p and we noticed it was spittin’ snow! I was so excited! I went up to the attic & got down the decorations. Vacuumed the house. I was about the jump in the shower when Jason yelled that it was really snowing & even better, sticking a little to the deck, bushes & grass! I took these photos with my phone so they’re pretty grainy but you can see it.

I jumped in the shower & then we headed out to get the tree from Lowes close by just in case the snow was sticking on the roads. Lowes looked like a winter wonderland! I found one tree thought it looked good but then realized it was too skinny. So we went back through the snowy trees and found a more full one. I love it!

Once we got the tree home, the snow had fallen off but it was a little too wet to decorate. We decorated the rest of the house and I did the owl tree. We waited until Sunday afternoon to decorate the tree & it looks awesome I must say. I’ll post photos of decorations later this week.