So Much, So Little Time

I figured post babies I’d keep up with the blog. I’d fill this place up with stories & photos. & I plan to. I have four plus posts in draft on breastfeeding, me post babies, updated photos, a day in our life. But when there’s down time, & I can chose a 30 minute nap or pulling out the laptop/camera to upload pictures, I’ve been choosing nap. My dark circles thank you for baring with me.


  1. Kelli G says:

    Always, always, always choose sleep! We’re a faithful audience and we’ll all wait. For now, you take care of those babies mama and don’t feel one bit guilty about it! I don’t think I blogged my birth story til my twins were 6 months old! 🙂

  2. Suzanne says:

    Nap! Always nap!! We’ll be here when life settles down a little (ahahahahaha)

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