Now that it’s two. What’s changed you might ask? A lot & not much at the same time. I still feel the same. I still look the same. For now, I’m still eating & drinking the same.

We still sold my small SUV this week in planning to get a bigger SUV to handle our expanding family. I’m still thankful & loving the hand-me-downs from friends. I’m still looking forward to celebrating the babies at our first shower next weekend.

My parents had the third crib still in a box at their house {we’d picked it up from a Walmart up there & didn’t have room to carry it home}. With a copy of the receipt, Mom will be taking that back next week. The crib set she’d bought for us as the third, she was going to take back as well but then we decided she could set it up in a crib she had already put in our at home bedroom for our visits.

We haven’t started setting up the nursery yet, but it’ll still be green & neutral & owl-filled. I now think we’ll now have room for a bigger glider/rocker & maybe a book case.

We now have an extra car seat & extra bases, but with two, our parents’ & my grandparents’ cars will be able to fit them when visiting. I’ve updated our Target & Buy Buy Baby registries switching all 3’s of items of 2’s of items. But as I was saying on twitter last night, I’ m still attached to & registered for too many of a few things like hooded towels & baby crib sheets {but they’re so cute!}.

My doctor told us Tuesday that our new delivery goal is 36+ weeks & that I’d be able to continue working for longer if not the whole time. He said he’d induce me if I’m still pregnant at 38 weeks. My MFM even said vaginal delivery could be an option if they’re in the right positions. I asked if I needed to change anything from what I’m currently doing & he said no.

I’m still planning to attend my first local mom’s of twins & triplets meeting on Thursday night. I’m looking forward to meeting local multiples mommas, but I’m not sure what to call myself now.

I’m still sad. I’m not over the loss of baby B & that “triplets” won’t be what the outside world will think when they see my future outside babies. I can’t use the word “twins” yet but am realizing that’s what family are already starting to do. I didn’t correct my aunt & the Target lady yesterday when “I’m having two babies” became “Twins! That’s awesome”. I won’t correct everyone, but yesterday I was fighting back inside my head yelling “no, it should be triplets”.

But I’m staying busy, focusing on the positives & babies A & C. And 99% of the time {nights & early mornings are a lil tough}, I’m doing great.