I’ve meaning to join Mandy & friends for Steppin’ Out Saturdays for a couple of weeks now. But can’t really post a fun outfit post if you’re being lazy & leaving the house or if you’re with grandparents & don’t take any photos. Lucky for yall (maybe?), I have friends with cameras. Kelly sent me to photos tonight from last Saturday’s NCSU game. {Friends on twitter might remember me from this evening. I had a VERY good time at the game.} That said, excuse the squinty eyes… I waived between showing the worst {the best?!} and decided to do a little of both for your viewing pleasure! I think you’ll be able to tell who was my drinking buddies & who was the awesome, amazing DD!

Btw, these are all before & during game…not after or once I got home & continued drinking… 🙂 Oh, & I could NOT resist this fabulous middle shot of random man rockin’ out in his poker shirt. Really what was he thinking?!

In the tradition of Steppin’ Out Saturday…

Red/black sweater… last year at Kohl’s
Black tank… Target
Jeans… Gap Long & Lean
Necklace… last fall at Belk