I was going to say TTC cycle 10 then I thought wait, wasn’t it 9? 8? Is it bad I’ve lost count?! We’re now on day 17 of cycle 10 & I realized I hadn’t posted the chart from cycle 9 yet. Is anyone still paying attention to these charts? At this point, I’m posting them so I can keep track too.

So cycle 9, I tried it all~ prenatal vitamins, 100 mg vitamin B-6 daily, green tea until O date, POM all cycle, pineapple core during days 5-8 (without eating the rest~ waste of a good pineapple I say!). Only wivestale/thebump recommended thing we aren’t doing is PreSeed. We weren’t fans. Well all that said, it didn’t help.

I was so excited with the CD7 dip (implantation dip anyone?!) that I POAS before we went to the NCSU/FSU game. It was negative. I drank & had a great time at the game. I was then elated when temp went back up on CD8. I was busy in CLT with my Papa’s surgery when the temps went down & spotting began… But on the upside, I’m thinking that some might have worked. {tmi alert… oh wait isn’t this whole post tmi?!} My CM was more pronouced than some prior months (thanks Lipton diet green tea?), I lasted to cd11 (thanks B-6?) and my last 2 periods heavier than normal (thanks POM?).

It seems like somethings been in the twitter water recently, so maybe it’ll get sent our way soon.