Struggling with Solids

For the last month & a half, I’ve added a disaster to our nightly routine. The babies mostly hate it. It makes a huge mess. It’s time consuming when I have no extra time. My husband usually isn’t even home to help this disaster.

What’s happened to our busy-but-we-got-this routine? We’ve been introducing solids to Zach & Lucy.

I delayed starting solids for my preemies based on our thoughts & our pediatricians’ recommendations. But right after their 6 month checkup, I bought a box of Earth’s Best rice cereal, excitedly mixed it up with breast milk, grabbed my cell phone camera & got ready to experience the babies’ first taste of food. Not shockingly, they hated it & spit it out. That was Nov 28th.

Fast forward to this week & things aren’t much better.

Jump over to Liberating Working Moms to read the rest {& see a funny photo of Lucy & Zach from last night’s eating attempt}. And please add any advice you have to offer in the comments!

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  1. lisa anne says:

    My second daughter lived off of breast milk until she was 15 months old. Poor child was fat and happy. The pediatrician had no problems with it. One day she ate and from that moment on she ate everything in sight. She continued to nurse til she was 22 months old and the only reason she gave it up was I became pregnant again. My milk was gone overnight. The next one refused to nurse and went on rice cereal immediately for severe reflux. I swear he came out with a spoon in his hand.

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