Summer TV. It’s supposed to be slim to none, right? All your favorite your fall & spring shows are on hiatus, so what do you do? If you love TV as much as we do, you fall in love with new shows or maybe just get rehooked on the awesomely bad ones. In case you need more summer TV, here’s my current top 10 favorites & why {in no particular order}.

1~ Suits ~ New TBS show featuring charming kinda bad-ass NYC lawyer guys in nice suits. Enough said.

2~ Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad ~ You all know this is absolute crap, brainless TV. Perfect with a glass of wine to unwind after a crazy Monday at work. And my coworkers & I love to dish about it Tuesday mornings.

3~ Real World/Road Rules Challenge ~ I’ve been a RW fan since the nineties & I’ve never grown out of loving to watch them fight/make up/make out/battle each other. The challenges are all I still watch as a summer splurge.

4~ Big Brother ~ Every year, I say I’m done & won’t get sucked into three hours of this show a week. Then this year they bring back sweet Jordan & Jeff, the over-dramatic Rachel & Brendan, & Danielle & Evil Dick, and I can’t wait until Wed, Thurs & Sunday nights.

5~ Expedition Impossible ~ It’s Survivor meeting Amazing Race. The 3 people groups include pro football players, California girls, county boys, & a cute southern-accented dad who’s BFF is blind & they’re kicking butt against them all.

6~ Burn Notice ~ Jason loves the action & looking at Phee {when he’s not hoping they kill her off}. Michael Weston & his nice guy spy-ness are what keeps me coming back.

7~ So You Think You Can Dance ~ I danced from age 5-18. I never could’ve made it onto SYTYCD, but I love watching the choreographers, the dancers, makeup & costumes. Sadly I’ve missed a few episodes this year & still not watched the one from last week.

8~ Covert Affairs ~ I adored the cheesy Coyote Ugly with Piper Perabo, so when I heard that she was the lead character in this CIA drama last summer, I talked Jason into watching it. We’re fans of the show, but it’s not on our have-to-watch-this-immediately list.

9~ Falling Skies ~ This is definitely a “guy” show. Alien species invades Earth & steals & harnesses children. But it’s the people & family side of it that has me coming back. Except that I’ve learned I can’t watch this last thing at night without having scary dreams. I also have loved Noah Wyle since his way early ER days.

10~ Royal Pains ~ We both love these characters & the premise of the show. It’s fun & a not-so-stressful medical drama. Love the beach setting for a summer series.

Do you watch any of my summer guilty pleasures? What summer series is missing from my life?