I’m so behind on this! The super sweet Emily from If I Can’t Wear Heels… gave me this award a couple of weeks ago. I love all her pink & green, her big grey cat Poe & that she lives in VA. Thank you Emily!

I thought I’d pass this along to some of my favorite recent blog ladies.
Sara at The Mrs and The Mister Hate that I missed hangin out with her last weekend!
Kathleen at The Lushers I’m always so impressed with her & her hubby’s recipes!
Holly & too cute Lilly at Lillian Megan We’ll miss you at the beach this weekend!
Because I can’t get enough of looking at her photos, Emilee from Emilee Beth Photography
Elissa (my favorite Pampered Chef hostess!) at Redhead in Raleigh
Pippy at Pippy’s Perspective How cute is her new little one?!
Carrie at A Little Carried Away How cool is the plan on words for her title. She’s new to blogging, but gives great updates on life.
Ladies, please pass this award on to other blogs you think are sweet!