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Merino Kids Toddler Sleep Sack

I think all toddlers thrive on routines. I know mine do. And thus our bedtime routine goes like this almost without exceptions ~ after giving hugs & kisses all around, J & Zach go back to our room for his final pre-bed sippy cup of milk. Lucy & I hang out in the den to get her prepped for bed.

After one last book, L will say “sleep sack” & “mommy time”. Those are her code words for it’s time for her sleep sack & nursing with me. L gets her sack on & she knows it’s almost bedtime. She’s also begun asking for “sippy” cup of milk in between “side” {her word for wanting to nurse on the other breast}.

I’ve talked before {toddler must haves} {Halo sleepsack review} about our love for sleep sacks. And that hasn’t changed even as Lucy’s on the verge of being 2. Daycare does blankets for nap & L has asked for a blanket a time or two during weekend naps, but overnight, we do sleep sacks. While I have loved a fuzzy one for winter in the past, I was thrilled when I was recently contacted by Merino Kids in regards to trying out one of their organic cotton & merino wool toddler sleep sacks.
Merino Kids sleep sack packaging

I chose {& quickly received} their gorgeously packaged sleep sack in Honey Oat. This sleep sack is by far the softest & most luxurious one I’ve ever felt. The light brown is very gender neutral, so if Lucy will share it, Zach will be able to enjoy it too. The weight has been great for winter temps & yet will be light & cool enough to easily take us through spring & summer.

Bedtime Lucy Merino Kids sleep sack

Merino Kids sleep sack on, sippy in hand & paci/baby/bunny close by, Lucy was *ready* for bed!

I ordered the toddler size 2-4 years, so they could grow into this sleep sack. And as you can see, Lucy does have quite a bit of growing room! At this point, it’s a bit hard for her to walk in, but I typically carry my sleepy girl into her crib as well as pick her up and carry her into the den in the mornings as well. The length makes sure she has room to kick & roll in her crib as much as she wants at night.
Morning Lucy Merino Kids sleep sack

The Merino Kids sleep sack design has the zipper going from under the arm to the bottom of the sack all along the side. I really like the way you don’t have to be tugging at a zipper under the babe’s neck for a late night or early morning diaper change.

Merino Kids sleep sack Lucy & paci

check out this cool feature too ~ the Merino Kids sleep sacks are stroller & car seat friendly with the front & back flap for the latches!

I love this sack so much I’d put Lucy in our Merino Kids sleep sack every night if I didn’t occasionally have to wash it. :-P And speaking of washing, the instructions that came in the pretty package recommended against putting the sleep sack in the dryer. So that’s kinda a bummer as I don’t have a ton of hanging space in my laundry closet. But so far, not drying has meant that this sleep sack doesn’t have any of the unsightly {& itchy} piling that can come with drying cotton fibers.

You can order a Merino Kids sleep sack from their babysleepbags.com link or Amazon where you’ll see that the price is a bit on the higher side, but like many things in life, you pay for superior quality & comfort. And if yours are like my Lucy and wearing a sleep sack on a nightly basis, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of the Merino Kids sacks.

I was provided a Merino Kids sleep sack at no cost to us for purpose of this review. I was not otherwise compensated & my opinions expressed are solely my own

Pumpkin Patch {take 1}

With my parents in town last weekend, we headed to a local pumpkin patch Saturday morning. We’d had fun with tiny Z & L there last year for their first pumpkin patch experience & decided to go back.

Oh how pumpkin patch photo ops are different with running toddlers vs not-yet-sitting-up infants!

Saturday L & Z were all look at the dirt! & mud! & balls {aka pumpkins!} & trucks {driving by quickly on busy road}. And yes, we brought home 3 gourds because they wouldn’t think of putting them down!!


There was lots of wrangling & smiles, but sadly, not quite the perfect family/group pictures we’d hoped for.


Since we plan to go to VA & another patch this upcoming weekend, stay tuned for take 2 next week!

Weekend Park Fun

Before I had a chance to post photos of two weekends ago at the park, Zach, Lucy & I met friends there this past weekend. So this is a two-in-one post filled with lots of park fun.

Zach and Lucy Park Fun

Zach was all smiles & Lucy was trying to decide whether or not she was a fan. {she decided she wasn’t last Sunday.}

Zach and Lucy Park Fun

Swings, slides, tractor rides, playing in the mulch & taking a break in the stroller!

My aunt came with us last Sunday afternoon. The park was very busy thanks to the warm, sunny day. {I learned last weekend earlier is better. Hit it up at 9 am, you’ve got the place to yourself!}

Zach loves it- the sand, dirt, climbing, swings, cars & slides {although he was kinda being shy on Sat}. Lucy isn’t so sure about sand/mulch/slides, but she’s finally liking the swings on her own. Seeing the other kiddos having fun this past weekend made her brave enough for a bit to try some new things.

Park Play Date

Zach checkin’ out the big kid slide, Lucy crashed out on the swing, me helicopter parenting on the jungle gym, our not so great attempt at a lil kids group photo, B snuggling Z, swinging fun on their own & Z with his park bro H!

Another benefit of the park? Wearing the lil guys out! L literally fell asleep while swinging! And stayed asleep in the stroller, car seat then on me once we got home. Too funny.

Looking forward to more park play dates with friends as these occasions were too much fun to not repeat!

Lucy: Sixteen Months

Lucy, whew, she’s our wild one. My mom calls her a pistol & she’s right on target. Lucy’s discovered climbing, running, & that she’s all but tall enough to reach table & counter tops. Her newest obsession is puling out tissues from the box by the handfuls! Anyone need a tissue? Lucy’s got a stack ready here!

She’s the cutest mess ever though. Look at this smile when she realized she’d successfully scaled her wooden chest built by my grandfather. Such a stinker! She was a stinker too attempting to throw herself off here too.


Lucy’s well into 18 mo sized clothes. I’ve been selling her 12 mo ones & some tighter 18 mo onesies I’d thought would last through fall/winter! She’s our big girl weighing in 2 weeks ago around 23-24 lbs.

Lucy loves food. Grilled cheese, animal crackers, bananas, blueberries, chicken, casseroles, yogurt, applesauce, quesadillas & she can put away some black beans. She’s not afraid to place what she doesn’t love aside on her tray though too.

She scoffed at Gatorade & Pedilite while sick. She’s not a big juice fan either. Lucy’s learned to drink with straw though so water at restaurants is a new fun treat for her. Thankfully she’s still a big milk fan. Like Zach she’s up to 4 of her 5.5 oz daycare sippys are organic whole milk. Baby girl still loves nursing, but I’ve been giving her whole milk at meals {per Dr recommendation} & sometimes through out weekend days {dwindling supply}.

While she had her bad cold/stomach bug, we were able to ward off ear infections too thanks to her tubes. I think thanks to her tubes, in the 6 weeks since the surgery, her language skills have blossomed! She mimics so many words now it’s crazy! I’m working on ‘love you’ but she’s not there just yet. “All done” she’s said & signed for a couple weeks which is so convenient!

Lucy girl, happy belated 16 months!

Lucy: Fifteen Months

Lucy is a bit of a changed girl post-tubes. Her occasional chatting is back to full time chatting. She has been saying Dada & Mama for a while. She’s recently thrown out uh ohh, tickle tickle, bye bye & good girl. I guess we tell her good girl a lot- it’s so cute to hear her say it back.

She princess waves all the time now- walking into daycare, leaving daycare, at stores, when were just walking down the hall.

Speaking of walking, she’s doing it maybe half the time. She seems more comfortable taking off some days more than others. She probably cruises upright to get place to place the most, but she’s rarely crawling these days. She can be sneaky- we think she’s in the den but she’s quietly cruising down the hall!

Lucy loves the water. After weeks of keeping bath time very short due to being afraid of getting extra water in her infected ears, she’s thrilled now if I give her lots of bath time to play & splash. She also likes this new kid-sized towel (we’ve well outgrown infant ones). I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my post bathing butterfly Tues night.

Lucy post-bath

That’s totally her personality too. As a healthy, happy girl, she loves to play ‘where’s Lucy’ & gives big belly laughs for thigh tickles from Mommy & belly raspberries by Daddy.

Lucy’s a fan of my cell phone, my borrowed pump, giving fierce hugs, snuggles, wrestling with Daddy & Brother, push toys, our stacking cups & books.

Lucy likes to study things. She watches us closely taking it all in. And making sure we’re watching her too!

I’m so happy to be able to call myself her Mommy. She’s such a sweet joy.

Our little big girl is still squeezing into 12 mo clothes with 18 mo coming very soon. I keep saying ‘let’s wear this just one more time’!

She’s continuing to try whatever we put in front of her but fruit is still her favorite. I’m excited to hear her weight at her 15 mo appt tomorrow. I’m guessing close to 24 lbs.

Happy 15 months baby girl! We have a fun filled month planned ahead if us! Can’t wait to experience it with you.