Project 365 Week 47

Another week. Another project 365.

Day 323: NCSU game day Saturday. My parents came into town & cheered on the Pack beating Clemson!

gift idea mayhaps?!

Day 324: Moekitty cuddle time after the crowd left.

So little he only take over at least one half of the love seat...

Day 325: Monday night I treated myself to take out Chick-fila for dinner & a milkshake for late night snack!

Whip cream on top? Yes, please!

Day 326: Look what arrived Tuesday! My Paper Culture art {post to come}.

Four years later we have a pretty photo art on our wall

Day 327: Worked Wednesday then traveled down to the beach. No photo.

Day 328: Thanksgiving day which deserves it’s own post later this week.

Parade & Thanksgiving decorations

Day 329: We shopped just a little, celebrated Mom’s & my birthdays a little early, then I won Mom, Nana & I’s Mexican Train Dominoes game with this train!


Hope your Thanksgiving week was great.

Project 365 Week 46

Only took photos four out of seven days. I’ll try to do better this next week. Here’s week 46 in photos.

Day 316: Saturday I tackled my closets. This pile is what I took to Goodwill.

Two huge bags worth of out of style or no longer fit clothes

Day 317: No photo taken in between naps!

Day 318: These were my new best friends: ginger ale & Costco almonds.

Pregnant lady evening snack.

Day 319: No photo Tuesday

Day 320: No photo Wednesday either.

Day 321: I already shared Thursday’s group ultrasound photo, but here’s a close up on two babies. {cell photo of the u/s pic}

Top embryo is the one measured. It's the mid-sized one.

Day 322: My desk at work Friday mid-morning; complete with multiple snacks, to-do lists &, you know, a little work related items.

One YoCrunch every morning, gummies through out the day, goldfish & banana for later.

Hope you had a great week!

Project 365 Week 45

I was too boring or too tired this week to take any great photos, but here’s what I took.

Day 309: Saturday you already read about our crazy morning & triplet revealing ultrasound then how I celebrated watching NCSU beat UNC.

Ms Wuf

That's right Ms Wuf!

Day 310: By Sunday night, I wasn’t feeling great & thought that a Wendy’s crispy chicken sandwich might help {it did}.

Too bad the top bun was covered in mayo & had to be tossed.

Day 311: no photo.

Day 312: I meant to take a before & after water photo of my plant at work. Here’s the before. I forgot to take an after but it really perked up.

Poor, sad, neglected plant.

Day 313: Wednesday Moe kitty got back in bed after both of us were out. Cracked me up so I grabbed my DSLR for this one.

Lazy, sweet Moekitty

Day 314: This is the first night I felt really bad & after putting my pregnancy out there on twitterverse that day, I asked my mama gurus for help. Here’s what I had on hand & went with: water & dry cheerios.

Comfy pants, water, cheerios. Perfect preggo night cap.

Day 315: no photo Friday.

Hope you had a great week!

Week 44~Project 365

Day 302: I chilled Saturday recovering from the bachelorette party then had fun as Ketchup at Jenny & Matt’s Halloween party. Here’s a photo I didn’t include in that post ~ the group playing DRINKO.

DRINKO where the winner loses. Or vice versa.

Day 303: Another Sunday morning, another wake up to kitty cuddles.

Sleepy Moester

Day 304: Happy Halloween. Lights on. Kitty candy bowl ready. Not a single trick-or-treater.

All treats, no tricks at our house.

Day 305: No photo Tuesday.

Day 306: Wednesday night I was purchasing some Scentsy for Christmas gifts & Moe thought my credit card was just too much fun.

Moe loves shopping almost as much as me.

Day 307: Jeans day Thursday at work. I self-portraited to share my Alena made infinity scarf & awesome matching 25 designs headband.

Green’s my new favorite fall color.

Day 308: Friday night I baked raspberry oatmeal scones that didn’t come out as nice looking as before so I threw some cookies in the oven too.

Sweets for breakfast tailgating.

How was your week & weekend?


Project 365 Week 43

First, I’m so so humbled by the response to my “I’m pregnant” post {& really still getting used to typing “pregnant”}! Thank you!

I told some friends this week I’d considered giving up on project 365 & heard a resounding NO WAY! So here I am, back with week forty three. Can you believe that the days are into the 300s this week?!

Day 295: Saturday was my brother’s wedding. Here’s a photo I didn’t put in that wedding post. I love the onlookers, the helpers & the photographers as well as the gorgeous bride!


Tieing Beth into her Dress

Day 296: Sunday Jason was so hungover we didn’t leave my parent’s house until late afternoon. Moekitty was thrilled to see him when we made in back home.

Moe Kitty

Happy family reunion

Day 297: After a blur of a day that began with a positive beta & ended in Charlotte with family dinner before my great-aunt’s funeral the next morning, I shared our news with my Papa & aunts over dinner which included this slice of strawberry cake.

Strawberry Cake

That's lime & marshmellow drizzled on the plate. You're drooling right?

Day 298: Between traveling, fondly remembering Virg, traveling back home & napping, I didn’t take any photos Tuesday.

Day 299: Thank goodness Jason took out the recycling Tuesday &  I think this photo of all his diet cokes over a couple day span prompted him to clean up Wednesday night. 🙂

Diet Coke

Diet Coke obession much? {no longer mine!}

Day 300: Thursday night meant girls night at Lynnwood! So happy that Poe shared one of these stuffed mushrooms with me. Also who knew how cheap eating out was when you don’t drink?! {not me til now!}

Fried Stuffed Mushrooms

Cheesy Fried Mushrooms

Day 301: My friend Rhiannon is getting married in December, about 15 of her friends celebrated with a night out downtown Friday. I got home & into bed after 1:30a, but I had a great time with the girls & people watching!

Raleigh Bachelorette Night

The Bride-to-Be & Shots!

Hope your week was as exciting as mine! Don’t forget to enter to win my Lovable Labels giveaway!