Happy {belated} Independence Day

Just getting back to reality after a week long beach vacation. {Did you catch my liberating working moms post on it?!}

I downloaded the photos from our dslr & realized these are all that are on there. I’ll update later this week with photos my sister-in-law took & ones from my cell.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful break from reality. It was a fabulous week full of family- both my ILs as well as my parents & grands.

As you might’ve seen from instagram/facebook, Lucy girl got sick Friday afternoon & we cut our trip a few hours short.

But Jason took these photos Thursday evening of me & my babies.


Lucy & Momma OIB July 4th

Lucy & Momma 2


July 4th OIB Zach, Lucy & Momma

July 4th OIB Zach, Lucy & Momma

Love the evening light! Love them! {posting from our new mini-laptop chrome book so excuse weird photo errors}

Enjoying Car Trips with Two

Car trips. They used to be three hours of husband & wife chatting in the front seat. Catching up after busy weeks. Or time spent napping or reading or playing online.

Now I tend to sit in the way back of the minivan while Jason drives. There’s little chatting between us as it’s hard to hear in the back with the AC on.

If the stars align & both Lucy & Zach sleep, I’m sometimes able to pull out my book or catch up on blogging.

But for all those times at least one if not both are up, here’s the few tricks up my sleeve.

Keep favorite toys close at hand. Bright lights & colors & music might seem annoying to parents at first, but its way better than hours of crying.

Books, books & more books. I read in silly voices & alternate which baby gets to help me hold. We bring board books & soft crinkly ones.

Extra bottles. If I think we’ll need them, I premix & keep them in a Packit cooler. We didn’t need them Monday, thanks to timing nursing & naps. But Friday night, hungry babies meant a McDonald’s stop for hot water to warm the bottles.


Snacks! We have a boon snack ball {which is cute but spills out easily} & the Munchkin snack catchers. Before we take a trip, I fill up the snack containers with a mix of their favorites: Cheerios, yogurt melts, puffs & chews. It cracks me up to watch Lucy dig through & skip over the Cheerios for the melts.


Monday, I introduced Zach {once he woke from a beautiful nap} & Lucy {my hungry nap fighter} to Sprout’s new toddler snacks. They loved the yogurt bites. The chews were a new texture they quickly warmed up to. I tried them both & thought they were delicious! I felt good giving them snacks I knew were organic as well as mostly fruit/veggies versus being just basic grains.

If all else fails, whip out your smart phone or tablet & pull up baby Einstein &/or the Chica show on YouTube. We might’ve watched 45 mins of Baby Einstein lullaby Friday night!

What are your best car trip tricks & tips?!

I was sent sample sizes of the new Sprout snacks for purpose of this review. I wasn’t otherwise compensated. My thoughts & opinions are genuinely my own.

Brunch with Papa

This past weekend was a busy one for me & Lucy & Zach. We were all in Charlotte for my good friend B’s wedding. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid so I was running back & forth from wedding events uptown & loving/hugging/nursing babies who were being watched by my parents & my Papa at his condo/near by hotel room. I will post later this week on the wedding {those photos are on the husband’s phone since mine died}.

But I did remember to charge my phone Saturday night & took a few sweet photos while we brunched with Papa & his friends at their club house. We had a private room which was fabulous & also meant that we weren’t worried about the babies being loud {they weren’t} or a distraction {they were, but a good one}. After everyone ate, Lucy & Zach were passed around the table for giggles. Lucy especially loved it when Papa tried to nibble on her toes too.

Cypress Brunch, Lucy & Zach style

Cypress Brunch, Lucy & Zach style

We walked the fully, sleepy babies back to the condo where we quickly packed up. And took this shot of our four generations!

Four Generations: Papa, Cici, me, Lucy & Zach

Four Generations: Papa, Cici, me, Lucy & Zach

Lucy & Zach were asleep before we got on the highway & both slept until minutes before we got home. Score!

Happy Times

I realize a few of my recent posts on motherhood {the sick, the social, the juggling} have had a negative nancy side. But life is good. The babies are at such a fun age {9 month posts to come soon}!

We had a great weekend. My parents came down Friday night. Lucy & Zach had their first playdate {where they could actually play & interact} when my friend Holly stopped by with her almost 4 & 18 month old daughters. It was a blast seeing the four of them interacting & playing with our toys. I enjoyed catching up with Holly & am hoping we can do it again soon.

They left as the SNOW was really coming down. Mom & I decided to wrap up the babies in warm layers topped with fuzzy bear suits & tiny mittens & let them play outside for a bit. There was more time getting us all dressed than there was spent outside. Also, pretty sure there were more cameras brought out than there were people. Four cell phones & my DSLR. But we captured flakes on Zach’s long lashes & Lucy tearing off her mitten to better crawl in the white stuff. Plus one of the better shots of the four of us in a while. It was awesome.

IMG_20130216_115525 IMG_20130216_115537

The rest of Saturday & Sunday was spent cooking {Lemon bars & banana bread & artichoke mushroom chicken}, trying on dresses {yay for refitting into cute ones!}, packing, making bottles, & playing & hugging Lucy & Zach.

Matching crabby pjs!

Matching crabby pjs!

Also throw in grocery shopping & a Target trip where 1 return & going to buy face wash somehow relays into spending $35 on candy, sippy cups & baby snacks.

I spent just about 48 hours away from Lucy & Zach on my work trip. I met some new work friends, reconnected with coworker friends & rediscovered that I do enjoy having a few glasses of chilled wine & cold beer {alcohol gets warm when it takes hours to drink in between baby wrangling}.


130a Mon closing down club fifth season. 🙂


I also remembered I like the ability to wear fun necklaces & having the time to apply eye shadow. I missed the babies; I showed off pictures more times than I can count. I also discovered I would not want to exclusively pump. My boobs thank me for that realization.

On Being Social

Before babies, my life was a mix of plans & spontaneity.

I looked forward to my monthly bunco night, book clubs, sorority alum meetings & dinner club, & small group Bible studies all on the calendar. I threw into the mix ladies nights, coworker happy hours & random, last minute dinner dates with the husband. I had the time & open schedule for walks with friends or alone with my ipod after work & on weekends. I jumped in the car on a whim for pedicures & haircuts & highlights.

As my pregnant belly got bigger, I began to scale back on the plans. Because I was too tired & I knew I wouldn’t & couldn’t keep up that schedule for the future. And I was right.

On a typical week, my calendar is blank. But my schedule is packed: babies, work, daycare pickup, traffic home, babies, cook/clean/laundry/diapers, bed.

I know this is the life of all new mothers, especially working mothers of multiples whose husband’s work late. And I love my children. I’m so glad they are in my life.

But I’m going to be honest & say that I miss my ladies nights {Jason getting home at 730+ doesn’t allow for me to make many}. I miss my coworker times {I pump through all my breaks & eat lunches at my desk making up sick time now, so even though I’m in the same building 40 hours a week, I rarely see my work friends}. I miss the quiet time for myself for reading, shopping & just generally having time to be lazy.

This isn’t a cry for help. I’m slowly getting back on my social heels. I’m relearning what it means now to be social: cramming in weekday lunch dates with friends; bringing a baby or two to meet friends for coffee on a Sunday afternoon; finding it relaxing to be able to grocery shop alone on a Saturday. I’m so thankful that I have time to read while pumping & my book club is a very baby friendly group.

I know that as they get older, as the days get lighter & warmer, we’ll be able to be more active out of the house. I’m looking forward to us being social as a family: walks together at the lakes this summer, early weekend dinners out; being invited to friends’ kiddos’ birthday parties.

And since I’m confessing, I’ll let y’all know I’m counting the days until my first overnight work trip {13 if you wanna keep up}. My parents are coming to help as babysitters; it’s only 1.5 hours away & for one or maybe two nights. But I’ll get to sleep in & not be woken up at night & enjoy adult conversation as well as a few adult beverages.

I’ve learned all my new social plans are made with a *. With a RSVP’d maybe. Because the babies come first. And I know this is okay. This is my new {maybe not so social} life.

How did/do you deal with the lifestyle change that came with parenthood? Were you able to seamlessly continue life the same with a baby in tow? For non-multiples moms, have you noticed a difference when a second baby was born?