Weekend Wrapup

Since I posted Thursday night that we were going my parents’ house for my HS reunion, I thought I’d post about it & share some photos too. We left early {like 7am early & 36 degrees out} so that we were in VA in time for brunch. My mom & I met up with some great family friends (Tricia, Emily & Katie) at Cracker Barrel for brunch. I ordered the Country Morning breakfast (2 eggs, grits & biscuits) and also had one of my mom’s Apple Strudel French Toast. Yes, it was every bite as awesome as it sounds! Emily lives in the Philly area and just happened to be in town for a quick vacation so it was awesome to see them & catch up. Emily had a hair appt at noon so we said goodbye after an hour+ of chatting!

Mom & I then ran to Stein Mart and both found a few deals. Mom even got me a Christmas gift {that I’m supposed to forget about}. We walked over to Old Navy & she found a jean skirt & I showed her to jacket I’d bought online which looks even cuter in person! Mom bought some lotion for my Ma at Bath & Body & a pumpkin to decorate her nursing home room at Kohl’s. We then headed to Costco. I’ve told them that we’d like a DSLR camera for my birthday/Christmas, so we looked at what they had. We also took advantage of the Saturday samples as a good mid-afternoon snack! {DSLR owners, please comment what you have & what you’d recommend! TIA!}

My brother stopped by with my “niece” Saturday afternoon. Taking a photo with a French Bulldog is tough. This is the best one I was able to get with the two of us. Quinn is too stinkin’ ugly which just makes her & her grunts so cute! Jason solved Steven’s computer problems {the offical reason my brother stopped by} and we watched a little football too.

Next thing I knew, we were running late to get ready for the reunion which was held at Shula’s. {photo from website & view is from hotel lobby with restuarant on left} So after a quick shower & rush job of make up & hair, we ran out the door without the pre-reunion cocktail or photo! I did manage to grab the camera on the way out the door but realized at the end of the night that I didn’t manage to get a photo of Jaosn & I. I had a great time re-connecting with old friends and seeing people I hadn’t spoken to in 10 years. Everyone was nice & friendy. It was a smaller crowd, but that made it easy to make your way around talking to everyone.

It wasn’t organized really so it was after 8 when Jason & I realized we were really hungry! Jason ordered the Shula’s Cowboy steak & I got a crabcake sandwich that was amazing! I’d enjoyed a delicious pomegrante martini & was working on a glass of Pinot Grigio. Both drinks were worth the $11 price tag each!
I’m looking forward to keeping more in touch with a lot of the people I saw via Facebook, especially all the girls in the photos above. I think I’ll actually become closer again with Liz & Sejal. Liz & her husband live in NYC. Jason’s never been so I really hope we get up there to visit them soon! Sejal & her husband live in Charlotte so I might actually see them next weekend. The three of us attempted to take a photo. After 4 tries with my camera, I gave up on a good one of the three of us {mostly my eyes closed, I’m talking, weird smile, etc}. But I thought the two below were cute!
Jason woke up with more than a little hangover due to more than a few beers & being “over served” on wine. I woke up with a dry throat from talking all night! After a great church service with Mom, we made & enjoyed some soup then headed back south for home. Great weekend! Hope yours was just as fun.

HS Reunion

My ten year high school reunion is Saturday night. Let that sink in. I graduated ten years ago. I’m old.

I’m excited to see people & catch up. But I’m also kind of nervous. I haven’t seen the vast majority of my classmates in the past ten years. I’m wondering if I’ve lived up to mine {& others} projections of where I’d be ten years after HS graduation. I think I thought I’d have a better job & at least one child by now. I thought {& am so glad} that I’m happily married & proudly showing him off {I mean bringing} him along with me. I’m wondering why I’m not thinner/fitted or didn’t lose those 15 {let’s me honest, more like 30} pounds before this weekend! Too late for that although Alethea & I are walking again tomorrow {every little bit helps right?}.

I’m also not sure what to wear. I bought Gap Long & Lean jeans this weekend. I was thinking of wearing them with a dressy top & heels. My mom thinks I should dress up more. I think I’ll just over pack to be sure. What’d y’all wear to your HS reunions?

I promise to bring a camera Saturday night so I can show yall my outfit, my old HS friends & what the reunion {& the yummy sounding pomegranate martinis} were like!

Its Thursday…

…which mean time for Thankful Thursday with The Outdoor Wife.
I was going to skip this week since I’ve had a busy week and thought I’d skip a night of blogging. But while I was sitting on the couch tonight, I realized I was thankful & needed to get it out.

While not super deep & thought-provoking, tonight I’m thankful for:
*banana pudding. easy to make, few ingredients & oh so good!

*the excitement of upcoming vacation! even if it’s a just a long weekend 3 hours away. I can’t wait to put my feet in the sand, hang out with my family & witness a family friend’s wedding.

*finding a great dress on sale! I was going back & forth about what to wear to Saturday’s wedding. Thanks for Loft & their 25% off sale, I got this dress. I also got small gold hoops & plan to borrow a basic gold bracelet from Mom. I promise I won’t wear those shoes!And while I was there I bought this sweater in Opal Grey which I plan to wear with black/grey pants I bought but couldn’t find a photo of & this top. The chiffon roses have a gold tint. I think it’ll look super cute with jeans & gold wedges this fall. A lot all while on my lunch break right? The total $118!

*last but certainly not least~ Fall TV shows! Saturday means college football! Sunday means Amazing Race; Monday: Oprah (every weekday), Quints by Surprise, House & hubby’s Chuck; Tuesday Glee, Biggest Loser, 19 Kids and Counting & Sons of Anarchy; Wednesday: Survivor; Thursday: Grey’s & Private Practice. Why yes, we do watch a lot of TV. Thank goodness for DVR!

Busy Richmond Sunday

I’m still catching up on posts from my busy last weekend in Richmond. Here’s the (sorry so long) Sunday wrap up.

Mom & I started Sunday off going to their church. They just got a new minister & people were talking about how awesome he’d done on his first Sunday at the shower the night before. I was looking forward to hearing him. He definitely lived up to the good praise! His message was on the Good Samaritan. A familiar story from Luke 10:25-37, but he made a personal real life story bring it home. We followed up his sermon singing “They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love” which is one of my mom & I’s favorite songs & that brought us both to tears. Its on my mom’s list of funeral songs. Needless to say, I was a mess (but looked cute in my Lilly Lindsey pants)!

We said goodbye to friends at church and ran home to change out of my heels. We met up with my brother Chubs, fiance Beth & her sister-in-law Emily at the Richmond Wedding Expo. It wasn’t quite as big as the Raleigh wedding shows I’d attended in the last couple of years. But I think they got a few ideas of caterers (we enjoyed their dips & appetizers for lunch!) & locations. There was only one florist & one bakery. I actually won a free nights stay at a local hotel! We figured that might come in handy later this year.

Since we were out by Short Pump Mall, Mom & I ran over to Crate & Barrel & purchased a gift for the wedding we’re attending in 8/14 weekend. Also close by is the store Tweed. I’d heard good things about it and actually received a few wedding & shower gifts from there. They were having a sidewalk sale. Mom found a few friends’ birthday gifts out there. I actually purchased this plastic silver bracelet & necklace for $26. Coworkers thought it was Silpada or Tiffanys. I took a bunch of photos of the set last week after work including with me holding Moekitty (those didn’t work). None are good but you get the idea.I was happily surprised to find NCSU stuff there. They had a wine glass with a NCSU coozie that I fell in love with. I still thought it was kind of expensive so I told my mom to keep an eye on it. But I can’t WAIT for Christmas/birthday to open this:I plan to put it in a silver frame & hang it in our entry way. Tweed has quickly become one of my favorite Richmond places!

Beth’s brother Chris & his wife Emily had invited my parents to their son Miles’ 2nd birthday party. Since I was in still in town, I came along too. Over the years I’ve heard so many precious stories about Miles & his sister Marley~ and for good reason! They are adorable & so funny! I’d also hear what a fabulous cooks Chris & Emily are ~ they lived up to this one too! Chris made a japelno ranch veggie dip from their garden that was awesome with just the right amount of kick. Emily introduced us to Rachel Ray’s Apple Jack Quesdillas. She’s also a vegaratian & this recipe was kid friendly but adult yummy too. I plan to make them soon! Beth & Chubs brought a great pasta salad. I’ll post that recipe when I made it over the weekend. Emily also made these bug cupcakes for the birthday boy. I had to leave to head back home before it was dessert time but how cute is both the both boy & those cupcakes!

4th July Weekend

We had a wonderful holiday weekend. As usual, I forgot my camera. We took a few photos from our phones. I added the ones I had from my phone of the parade~ they aren’t great, but the parade was cute. Here’s a few we took from my Dad’s new phone over looking the beach Saturday evening. The wind was up & my hair was untameable!Jason & I ran a few errands on our way out of town Friday night. So for the first time ever (I think) my parents beat us down to the beach. Within 5 minutes of us arriving & unloading our stuff, my grandparents puppy 1 year old dog disappeared. My Nana found him in “our” bedroom with one of my favorite sandals (even moe kitty loves them) in his mouth… my platinum Jack Rodgers! At first I couldn’t figure out what he’d done; then it hit me the round medallion at the top of the left sandal GONE! Of course they felt horrible, but the shoes were definitely “well loved”; the soles & heels gone through, the platinum color wearing off & the leather sole coming off. I found they’d just started selling them at my favorite Lilly beach boutique Victoria’s Ragpatch, but I didn’t love the $96 price. Instead I used sales codes & signed up for membership at shoebuy.com and bought them w/ free shipping & $20+ off on Saturday. They shipped today! I’ll post a before & after photo later this week when they arrive.

We spent the rest of Saturday (after quick grocery store & farmer’s market run & checking out the Ragpatch) at the beach. I managed to not get too sunburned! I finished The Shack ~ liked it but not great beach read. I got about halfway through Jane Green’s latest, Promises to Keep while on the beach Sunday & Monday.

We started off the 4th with beach church service. Mom & I went through our wedding guest list to start working on their half of my brother’s guest list to be (have we mentioned how excited we are that they’re engaged?!). Jason & I were able to meet his parents (who are spending all week in Myrtle) for an early lunch at Calabash’s Boundry House. It was great to spend time with them for a few hours & my shrimp quasdilla was awesome. We got back on the island in time to see the OIB July 4th parade; it’s laid back affair~ if you have a golf cart, wagon, old car or bicycle then you’re set! But people went all out this year & it was fun & festive. Then it was beach time. We made jennandtonica’s sun dried tomato appetizers & blackened fresh grouper for dinner. We missed a lot of the fireworks because we had redboxed Valentine’s Day.

My parents left midafternoon Monday, but Jason & I have learned that the later we leave the better the traffic will be as we head back into town. I spent a leisurely afternoon alone on the beach with my book & a mango Sunset Slush. My grandparents joined us at Giggling Mackeral for an early dinner before our ride back. Such a wonderful weekend! And how nice is it that it’s already Tuesday in our short work week?!