As I review the last couple of weeks worth of pregnancy updates, I feel like my love of this pregnancy might not have really shown through. I was changing into pjs last night and took a moment to stretch my hands around & across the babies’ belly. Just to enjoy the moment. To wonder at the miraculousness that is any pregnancy much less my triplet one.

I know all moms-to-be {or at least most of them} are happy to be pregnant, but after all the work & prayers that went into us being pregnant, I can’t help but feel extra grateful. Extra joyous. This is not to mean that those who accidentally get knocked up or that the lucky ones who’s bodies cooperate the first time they tried don’t feel grateful. But I’m thinking about myself & these babies. And our overwhelming sense of love already.

I want to say thank you to friends and family for their generosity so far with this pregnancy. For friends who’ve passed down their maternity clothes to me. For friends who’ve offered to let me borrow their not-being-used baby supplies. For friends who’ve given birthday & Christmas gift cards to maternity & baby stores. For Jenny for giving us 7 bins worth of newborn-6 month clothes. For friends & family who’ve offered to come over to hold babies, bring food, & do laundry. I promise I will take y’all up on that!

To my husband. Who’s already being the sweetest, most excited Dad to these trips. I’m grateful for the times when he brings me water/bananas/ice cream when I’m too tired/hungry to get up to get them myself.  I half woke up Friday night after I’d rolled over to face him to find his hand had reached out to touch & rub the babies’ belly. He was half-asleep himself but making sure I was on my side & that they were doing well.

I always thought it was a little strange when I saw moms-to-be placing their hands on their bellys or even rubbing it. But now I get it. Not only does that make any itchy, stretched skin feel better, even though I can’t yet feel them, I love just knowing that their under my hands. I also am learning that while my pre-pregnancy self would’ve been totally weirded out by someone touching my chub, I don’t mind at all if friends reach out to touch the babies’ belly. I’m just thankful for their concern, excitement, support & love.